NTCET Senior Years Pattern 90 creidts - PPT

NT Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET)
Completing the NTCET
Completing the NTCET
NTCET Pattern
 A total of 200 credits must be achieved to receive the NTCET
 Each Semester length subject is worth 10 credits
 A total of 140 credits must receive a ‘C’ grade or better across Stage 1
and 2
 All of the subjects in the COMPULSORY sections of Stage 1 must
achieve a ‘C’ grade or better to meet these requirements (PLP,
Literacy, Numeracy)
 A further 60 credits must achieve a ‘C’ grade or better at Stage 2
 A further 40 credits of ‘Free Choice’ must achieve a ‘C’ grade over
Stage 1 and 2
Course Recognition
 Other courses can be recognised in the NTCET
e.g. VET qualifications, Community Learning
 VET units can be used in the ‘Free Choice’ subject areas
 Competencies from a MAXIMUM of two Certificate I qualifications can
be used towards the NTCET
 A nominal 70 hours of VET will earn 10 credits
SATAC entry
 To be eligible for an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR)
 90 credits must be completed at Stage 2
 of which 60 must be from Tertiary Admission Subjects (TAS)
 All but Stage 2 Community Studies, one version of the Stage 2 Research based
subject and modified subjects are TAS (Tertiary Admission Subjects) subjects
 For university entrance, students require
 At least 90 credits of study in TAS and Recognised Studies at Stage 2