Gate Valve Assembly Lab

Gate Valve Assembly Lab
Final Report, Data Analysis, Presentation
Final Report: Main Components
The following parts must be present to make your technical report complete.
See “Report Writing Links & Examples” on Mrs. Fitzsimmons’ webpage
( for help
 Summary/Executive Summary/Abstract
 Introduction
 Discussion (should include data analysis & discussion questions)
 Conclusion
 Appendix (put any graphs/charts that don’t fit in discussion here)
Use your “Peer Review Document” and “Technical Report Rubric” as guides
Data Analysis (the following information should
be included in your technical report)
 Which role in your assembly line created a “bottleneck?” Which role is most
 Construct a pie chart of estimated costs (space, personnel, internal/external
defects, wrong orders, etc.). Where does the greatest opportunity lie for
improving the process. What is the cost of quality?
 What is the rate of production necessary to fulfill customer demand?
 Neatly diagram the new system. You may make by hand or use technology.
Label stations with sequence numbers. Provide average cycle times. Indicate
bottlenecks. Indicate personnel. Indicate process flow with lines and/or
Discussion Questions
 Using you diagram, your results and analyses, what problems in your
assembly line system did you need to address in order to meet customer
expectations? Include the customer expectations in your answer.
 Based on your experience, what were the causes of poor performance for
your assembly line?
 What issues or problems were not addressed after changes were made to
your assembly line?
 How do you believe the system could be automated?
 Where is the joining of materials used within this assembly line?
 Describe any issues you encountered with the lab and make suggestions as
necessary to help improve it, keeping in mind the goal of introducing a
student to assembly line production without automation.
 What are the changes your team will recommend to “optimize” the system?
 What are the duties, responsibilities, and educational requirements for a
career as a manufacturing supervisor?