Welcome to Prep Green

Welcome to
Prep Green
Contact details
 Morning
messages (immediate) =
Communication book in Home Folder
 Arranging meetings or for less urgent
matters = [email protected]
 Class weebly =
www. stpiusprepgreen.weebly.com
 Parent Handbook
 School office = ph. 3267 7306
Pastoral Care Parent
 Tina
Storey (Tully’s mum)
 Social
events, welcome new students etc.
Drop off/Pick up procedure
Starting next week (Mon 10th Feb) students will be dropped to
the assembly area. Teacher on duty at 8.15am. If you need to
drop your child before 8am – I suggest Before School Care.
Music will sound and all students sit in our line with hats and bags
on. We say our goodbyes at that point. Teachers will bring them
back to the room and we unpack.
 If you arrive late, you must go through the office. Online roll
prevents classroom arrivals.
 Picking up early – Go to office first and we send child there.
 If Pick up arrangements are different please write a note in
Communication book.
 Children and parents are not to be in classrooms without
 Mondays – Staff Prayer. Wednesday – Staff meeting.
 If
your child is having trouble settling:
Please drop them off, give one cuddle
and leave. We know its hard but call and
ask if they’ve settled.
 In the afternoons if you’re here early,
we’d really appreciate it if you could be
mindful that it is still learning time for the
children. Waiting on the grassed area and
not on the walkway is best.
What to bring
Home folder must go to and from school each
Hat and water bottle
Snack in a separate container clearly named.
Healthy snack only – cheese, fruit, yoghurt etc.
MT and Lunch- keep it simple!
Insulated lunch boxes will not go in the fridge.
Ice bricks work well.
*Please remember spoons
Library bag each Wednesday
Spare clothes (just in case!)
Health Alerts
We have a child with Anaphylaxis. School
policy is currently that no child should bring
any foods to school that contain nuts.
If it states “May contain traces…” please let
your child know that they need to tell us that
they have this.
Sunscreen needs to be applied to students
before school and they can bring some in
their bag. Just let us know if you want us to
remind them.
Helping out in Prep
 Term
1: No parent help to allow children
to settle into routines.
 Term 2: Reading Eggs
 Term 3: Reading
 Term 4: Christmas craft
 Volunteer
in Tuckshop
 Start
in Week 4 – Friday 21st Feb
 Be careful of what you order as they only
have eating time (10-15mins) to get
through it.
 No Tuckshop on swimming days.
 Term
1: Weeks 8,9 & 10
No Tuckshop on these days
In separate bag please bring:
Towel, togs, Cap, sun-shirt,
thongs & goggles (optional)
 Term 4: Whole term
Prep Splash & Swim
Behavioural Expectations
new school rules: Be a learner, Be
respectful, Be safe, Be responsible.
 Super Stars
 Step system
Prep Life
 Overview,
timetable and Show & Tell
guide in handout and also on Weebly.
 Play time: Preps only
 Eating time: transitioning to eat with rest of
the school
 Year 6/7 buddies
 Australian
 How we learn: play, investigate, focussed
teaching, real life experiences, routines
and transitions.
 English, Mathematics, Religion, Science,
History (Australian Curriculum)
 HPE, The Arts, Technology (EYG)
 Term
2: Home readers and Sight words
 Term 3 & 4: Home readers, Sight words
and Soundwaves book.
 Real life tasks such as cooking, cutting out
pictures from magazines/newspapers with
the sound of the week
 Preparing for Show and Tell
 Portfolio
of work and assessment
 End of term 1 – Parent/teacher meeting
 End of Term 2 – Semester One report
 Term 3 – Optional Parent/Teacher
 End of Term 4 – Semester Two Report
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