Larry Hoy

RTD Procurement and Construction
Management Oversight for FasTracks
Larry Hoy
RTD Board Member, District J
Overview of FasTracks Project
What is FasTracks?
• The Regional Transportation District is engaged in
completing a $7.9+ billion voter- approved capital
expansion project across the 8-county region that
when complete will provide:
122 miles of new rail service
18 miles of bus rapid transit
57 new stations
31 new Park-n-Rides
21,000 new parking spaces
Redevelopment of Denver Union Station
2008 PPP Industry Forum
FasTracks Progress
Progress Update
• 81 miles of rail and bus transit in construction
or soon to begin construction
• Current construction includes:
– West line just completed – three more under
– Segment of a fifth line I-225
– Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project Denver to Boulder
– Denver Union Station
BOARD’S Role During Procurement and
Construction Process (continued)
Use Committee Structure to Approve Contracts and Review
of Procurement/construction Milestones
• Board Approval of initial application for Public-Private
Partnership Pilot project (Penta-P)
• Board Approval of Final PPP Application to FTA
• Board’s Approval to hire Outside legal counsel with expertise
in this area
• Board’s approval of the P3 goals and Milestones
• Board’s Review/Approval of the RFP Process proposal
• Board Approvals of Key Intergovernmental Agreements
• Board’s approval of the Selection of the Eagle P3
Concessionaire Team
• Board’s approval of Purchase and Sale of Railroad Right of
Way (ROW)
Denver Union Station
Panoramic View