Method: LRC File Format

Method: LRC File Format
• A file that accompanies a piece of audio
• The LRC file consists of words and time stamps
• Audio file is not modified in any way
LRC File Simple Syntax
[mm:ss.xx] lyrics line 1
[mm:ss.xx] lyrics line 2
[mm:ss.xx] last lyrics line
• Very intuitive to write and read
• Will only display one line at a time, not
specific words
Example of LRC Functionality
LRC File Enhanced Syntax
[mm:ss.xx] <mm:ss.xx> line 1 word 1 <mm:ss.xx> line 1 word 2
<mm:ss.xx> ... line 1 last word <mm:ss.xx>
[mm:ss.xx] <mm:ss.xx> line 2 word 1 <mm:ss.xx> line 2 word 2
<mm:ss.xx> ... line 2 last word <mm:ss.xx>
[mm:ss.xx] <mm:ss.xx> last line word 1 <mm:ss.xx> last line word 2
<mm:ss.xx> ... last line last word <mm:ss.xx>
• The enhanced format provides greater flexibility and accuracy
while synchronizing text
• Limited in that the user is not able to synchronize by syllable
• There are several available programs that
allow the end user to view the synchronization
• The LRC file typically has the same name as
the audio file
• Some programs allow for files to be developed
for videos, much like subtitles
Anyone can synchronize text to audio
Completely separate synchronization file
Easy to modify to improve accuracy
Extensive library of files exists
• Cannot synchronize anything smaller than a word
• Great effort is needed to generate word level