The Negro Speaks of Rivers: Langston Hughes

By: Langston Hughes
By: Brett H and Wilson F
Figurative Language
“My soul has grown deep like the river”
– Simile
“I built my hut near the Congo and it
lulled me to sleep” – Alliteration
“Older than the flow of human blood in
human veins.” Metaphor
 “Ancient, dusky rivers”
 “I've seen its muddy bosom turn all
golden in the sunset.”
Sound Devices
 “. . .human blood in human veins.”
 Despair
 Hard-working
 Old (Because they often use the word
 When he was a slave, he worked very hard
and has seen it all basically
 He is very old
 In every civilization, there is a river and
back then almost every civilization had
slaves so slaves know rivers well.
 Also everybody he knows (friends, family,
etc.) have seen those rivers and told him
stories about them.
Make prediction about ‘Call of the
 Maybe the character is a very hard
worker like a slave
 Character knows about a lot of rivers
around him