1st Semester Final Exam Review

1st Semester Final
Exam Review
7th Grade Social Studies
Mr. Davis
Part 1
1. What do human
geographers study?
• Anything that deals with how people live or interact
with the land around them:
• People building houses and cities
• The types of crops people are growing in a region
• What type of church people go to
characteristic? Give an
example of a region
defined by such.
• Any kind of landform:
Region Examples: Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, etc
location? What is
absolute location?
• Relative Location:
Anything telling us that something is near something else…
WEMS is next to WEHS
Japan is east of China
BG is between Louisville and Nashville
• Absolute Location:
• Coordinates: 37 degrees N, 86 degrees W (any measurement
with 0-90 degrees N or S, 0-180 degrees E or W)
• 7031 Louisville Road (or any other address)
landforms have on
• Keeping them isolated so they don’t speak the same
• Influencing where people settle
• Influencing what jobs are available
features might attract
• A rich mineral deposit (for mining)
• A river valley (for fresh water)
• Fertile farmland (good soil for crops)
6. What is found on a
physical map?
• Landforms
• Mountain ranges
• Bodies of water
• Deserts
• Elevation
7. What is found on a
political map?
• How humans divided the earth among themselves into
countries or states
• Mining for coal or minerals
• Building cities, houses, and neighborhoods
• Irrigating a field of crops
• Building dams to control water
Early Humans
Part 2
9. Define the term
• the beliefs, customs, and art of a group.
increased human
chances of survival?
• Tools
to have before they
can develop a complex
• Stable food supply
important effect of
• Creation of permanent settlements
13. Which continent
was settled last?
• South America
Part 3
leader to have a
permanent army?
• Sargon
15. Describe scribes in
• Only people in society who could read & write
• Only group who could move up in social class
• Highly respected and well paid
• Attended school for many years
Phoenicians spread
along their trade
• Alphabet
17. Why did cities grow
along the rivers?
• Rivers provide routes for moving people.
• Rivers provide routs for moving goods.
• Rivers allow for more fertile land to provide food for
the city.
bodies is Mesopotamia
• Tigris & Euphrates Rivers
19. How did
Mesopotamia develop?
• People settled where crops would grow.
• The population grew.
• Villages and cities formed.
Ancient Egypt
Part 4
did Ramses II create the
world’s first peace
• Hittites
women have in ancient
• Women in ancient Egypt had the right to own land, file
for divorces, and even run their own businesses.
22. How were artisans
• They were underappreciated and never acknowledged
for their accomplishments.
in Egypt and Kush
cluster around the
Nile River?
• Only source of fresh water in area
World religions
Part 5
important to
followers of Hinduism?
• Daily practice of their religion
worship of Buddhist
principles called?
• Buddhist worship is called puja.