Sponsorship Powerpoint

Virtual Business Sports
The promotion of a company in
association with a property
Why Sponsor Sports Teams?
Companies sponsor sports teams as a
form of advertising.
How are sponsors promoted?
Usually through signage at or around
the stadium or venue. They may also
be recognized in other team
Types of Stadium Sponsorships
Naming rights
Scoreboard signage
Ticket booth signage
Field signage
*Sponsorships range in cost depending on size
and exposure of the signage
Local & National Sponsorships
Small signage may appeal to smaller
local businesses, while stadium
naming rights may appeal to a large
national corporation
Teams will negotiate acceptable
offers for sponsorships with local and
national companies
Contract Terms
Legal specifics of an agreement
between two parties including
payments and length of the contract
Sponsorships Terms
• Sponsor: Organizations, firms, or individuals that
give teams money in exchange for advertising
rights on stadium signage and naming rights
• Signage: Collective use of signs, symbols, or
designs in designated areas of a stadium or venue
• Naming Rights: Exclusive right of a sponsor to
have its name and logo on a stadium or venue
• Negotiation: The act of discussing an issue
between two or more parties with competing
interests in order to reach an agreement.
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