Exodus 7 – 13
The conflict between Pharaoh
10 Plagues
And the LORD said to Moses,
“See, I have made you like God to
Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron
shall be your prophet. You shall
speak all that I command you, and
your brother Aaron shall tell
Pharaoh to let the people of Israel
go out of his land.
And the LORD said to Moses, But I
will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and
though I multiply my signs and
wonders in the land of Egypt,
Pharaoh will not listen to you…The
Egyptians shall know that I am the
LORD, when I stretch my hand
against Egypt and bring out the
people of Israel form among you.
Clash of the Gods
In Egypt, pharaohs were considered to be
divine beings. When Moses came to Pharaoh to
ask for the release of God’s people, God and a
false god, Pharaoh, clashed in a battle of wills
and power. God showed his supremacy
through the plagues. One way to understand
the plagues is that they were direct attacks
against the false gods of Egypt. God
showed himself as victorious.
Unpacking the 10 Plagues
• Water to Blood; Frogs; Gnats; Flies; Livestock;
Boils; Hail; Locusts; Darkness; Death
• Each plague was an ATTACK on a Egyptian
• The plagues gradually build in DESTRUCTIVE
• Israel is PRESERVED through the Plagues
• Pharaoh responds to God with a HARDHEART
Exodus 12 and 13
Take a bunch of
hyssop and dip it in
the blood that is in the
basin, and touch the
lintel and the two
doorposts with the
blood…for the LORD
will pass over the
door and will not
allow the destroyer to
enter your houses to
strike you.
Exodus 12
This day shall be for you a
memorial day, and you shall keep it
as a feast to the LORD; throughout
your generations, as a statue
forever, you shall keep it as a feast
(Exodus 12:14)
At midnight the LORD
struck down all the
firstborn in the land of
Egypt, from the
firstborn of Pharaoh
who sat on his throne
to the firstborn of the
captive who was in the
dungeon…and there
was a great cry in
Egypt, for there was
not a house where
someone was not dead
Exodus 14 – 15
Israel’s Release from Slavery
The Miracle at the Red Sea
Moses and Miriam’s Song
A Lasting Promise
And I will harden Pharaoh's
heart, and he will pursue
them, and I will get glory over
Pharaoh and all his host, and
the Egyptians shall know that
I am the LORD.” And they did
so. Exodus 14:4
Lift up your staff, stretch out your hand over
the sea and divide it, that the people may go
through on dry ground (14:16)
At Marah the LORD made for
them a statute and a rule, and
there he tested them, saying, “If
you will diligently listen to the
voice of the LORD your God, and
do that which is right in his eyes,
and give ear to his
commandments and keep all his
statutes, I will put none of the
diseases on you that I put on the
Egyptians, for I am the LORD,
your healer. Exodus 15:25 - 26
Exodus 16 – 18
Bread of Heaven
Water from the Rock
Israel’s First Battle
Jethro’s Advice
When the people of
Israel saw it, they
said to one another,
“What is it?” For
they did not know
what it was. And
Moses said to them,
“It is the bread that
the LORD has given
you to eat…gather of
it, each one you, as
much as you can
On the seventh day some of the
people went out to gather, but
they found none. And the LORD
said to Moses, “How long will
you refuse to keep my
commandments and my laws?
Exodus 16:27 – 28
Israel Defeats Amalek
Jethro, the priest of
Midian, Moses father-inlaw, he heard all that God
had done for Moses and
Israel. So he came to
Moses, rejoiced with
Moses, blessed the Lord,
and he brought a burnt
offering and sacrifice to
God. He said, “No I know
that the LORD is greater
than all gods”
When Jethro saw all that Moses was
doing for the people, he said, “What is
this that you are doing?” Why do you sit
along, and all the people stand around you
from morning till evening?”… “What you
are doing is not good. You and the people
with you will certainly wear yourselves
out, for the thing is too heavy for you.
Now obey my voice; I will give you
advice, and God be with you!
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