The Exodus Account
God’s Great Rescue of the Hebrew
people from slavery in Egypt
Hebrew Slavery in Egypt
Hebrews in Chains
Sphinx and Pyramid
Hatshetsup Temple
The Great Temple of Abu Simbel
Ramesses II
The Pharaoh of Egypt
Moses found by
Pharaoh's daughter
God Speaks in Burning Bush
Moses before Pharaoh
Announcing a Plague
Ten Plagues
The PASSOVER: Lamb’s Blood
Moses Parting the Red Sea
Parting of the Red Sea
Crossing of the Red Sea
Arial View of the Crossing
Gathered at Mount Sinai
Mount Sinai
Sin Below Mount Sinai
Moses and the
Ten Commandments
The Tabernacle
Ark of the Covenant
Tabernacle – altar for sacrifice
Bread from Heaven (Manna)
Wandering in the Wilderness
Crossing the Jordan River
Entering the Promised Land