Year 7 RS Exam Revision Guide

Moses threatens the Pharaoh that if he does
not release the Hebrews from their slavery,
God will send ten plagues upon the Egyptians.
Time and time again, the Pharaoh refuses.
Time and time
again, the Pharaoh
refuses and so
God sends plagues
of flies, frogs
darkness, boils
and finally the
first born sons of
Egyptians are
killed by the
Angel of Death
The Exodus is the journey the Israelite slaves took to escape slavery in Egypt. Jews
remember this event each year at Passover to remind themselves of how Jews have
been persecuted (picked on) throughout history, especially during the Holocaust in
World War Two
Moses dies
Moses parts the Red Sea
Moses is given the
Ten Commandments
As much blood
as possible
must be
drained from
the animal.
The Gurdwara has a community kitchen called a LANGAR where people from any
faith can eat. Everyone sits on the floor to be equal. Sikhs see this as helping others
(SEWA) and they provide vegetarian food. This reflects Guru Nanak’s teachings of
serving others and treating everyone the same.
Established in 1999, Khalsa Aid is
an international non-profit aid and
relief organization founded on the
Sikh principles of selfless service
and love for everyone. Sikhs work
for free in disaster zones and Sikhs
donate money to help run it.
The Making of the Khalsa and the Five K’s
Guru Gobind Singh created the Khalsa, a spiritual
brotherhood devoted to purity of thought and action. He
gave the Khalsa an identity to remind them of their
commitment to Sikhism. Every Sikh baptized as Khalsa
vows to wear the Five "K's and they are proud to show
their identity.
A pilgrim is a person who goes
on a special journey (or
pilgrimage) to visit a place
where an important religious
miracle took place. You might
have different reasons to go
there such as to improve your
health or to seek forgiveness
for something you have done
wrong. Pilgrimage also helps
bring you closer to your
religion and your God.
Three of the most
important places for
Christian pilgrimage are
Canterbury Cathedral
where Thomas Becket
died and Walsingham in
Norfolk where the Virgin
Mary appeared.
Christians also visit
Lourdes in France as well
as the city of Jerusalem in
Israel. It was here that
Jesus died on the cross