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His Story Just In Time
Unit 1 Lesson 3
Dunbar Henri
Verse for the day
• Psalm 94:18-19
• When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing
love, LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great
within me, your consolation brought me joy.
• Did you turn in your assignment?
• Bible Notebook Check on Friday – you must
have all handouts given to you – Syllabus, Major
Project Guidelines, Class Expectations, Notes
taken in class AND any returned assignments
given. I will check your notebook while you are
completing your test.
• Test Tomorrow – Lessons 1-3
Student will be able to:
• Evaluate the great controversy motif revealed in
the confrontation between Moses and Pharoah
• Distinguish the key differences between the
religions of Egypt and Israel
• Examine how the 10 plagues exposed the gods of
• Evaluate how God revealed His character in His
dealings with Pharaoh and the land of Egypt
Explain the Great Controversy
• Think time
• Call on 2 students to explain
• Ultimate battle is between good and evil; God
and Satan
• But in Egypt it is between Pharaoh and Moses
The Battlefield between God and
• The 10 Plagues of Egypt
• God used the plagues to persuade Pharaoh to let
Israel go with a minimum of damage to the
Egyptians and their country
10 Plagues
• First 4 plagues were just a nuisance
Nile to Blood
• A great bother – but no one was killed
• Pharaoh was stubborn
Next 6 Plagues
5. Killed Livestock
6. Boils that affected people and animals
7. Hailstones that destroyed the countryside
8. Locusts ate whatever food was left
9. Darkness
10. Killing of the firstborn sons
What did the plagues accomplish?
• 1. Built the Israelites faith as they saw God’s
power at work
• 2. Gave Pharaoh and the Egyptians a fair
chance to obey God before destructive things
happened to them
• 3. It showed the powerlessness of the Egyptian
gods before the God of Israel
• 4. It specifically humiliated certain false gods of
The Choice
• Both Israel and Egypt had been watching the
battle between the God of Israel and the gods of
the Egyptians
• For 9 rounds – the plagues
• Before round 10 – they had to choose sides
• Just being born an Israelite did not guarantee
salvation – they had to choose to belong to God
• Being born an Egyptian did not mean that a
person could never choose to be on the side of
the God of Israel
The Passover Lamb was the Choice
• Lamb was to be slain and the blood was to be placed
on the sides and tops of the door frames of the
houses in which people wanted to belong to God
• Israelites who failed to do this would have their
firstborn slain
• Egyptians who wanted to serve God were free to
enter a home with the lamb’s blood on the door
frame and be saved
• Many Egyptians did this and became a part of God’s
Classwork and Homework
• Complete Into the Bible p. 29 and 30 - #1,2 and
• Handout Lesson 3
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