Page 60
The currents in Earth’s oceans are affected by
temperature. The following diagram shows an ocean
Which of the following causes
the effect represented by the
cold water arrow?
A. Cold water is less dense than warm water
B. Cold water is more dense than warm water.
C. Cold water contains less salt than warm water.
D. Cold water contains more salt than warm water.
Page 62
The Coriolis effect causes all freely moving
objects in the air to curve instead of travel in a
straight line. The Coriolis effect happens in both the
Northern and Southern Hemispheres. How do objects
curve in the Southern Hemisphere as a result of the
Coriolis effect?
A. to the left
B. to the right
C. to the north
D. to the south
Page 62
Josefina is working on a computer model of
upwelling. She uses an arrow to represent the
movement of water. What should she use to
represent the cause of upwelling?
A. a figure of the sun
B. an arrow representing wind
C. labels indicating temperature
D. arrows showing surface currents
Page 64
Each layer of the geosphere has
mass. Which layer has the most
A. core
B. crust
C. ocean
D. mantle
Page 64
Look at the following image of a greenhouse. A
greenhouse is a building where plants are
cultivated. It traps some of the incoming solar
radiation and, therefore, becomes warmer than
the surrounding environment. Which gas acts
similarly to this greenhouse in its
effect on the atmosphere?
A. argon
B. carbon dioxide
C. nitrogen
D. oxygen
Page 66
Meggie measures the wind speed every day for
7 weeks. She constructs the following line
graph of the average weekly wind speed. How
many of the 7 weeks experience average wind
speeds greater than 7.9 km/h?
A. 4 weeks
B. 5 weeks
C. 6 weeks
D. 7 weeks
Page 66
Bob knows that water in a geyser is
warmed by energy from deep within
Earth. To investigate this process, he
warms 2 L of water from 25 °C to 100
°C. Which property of the water will
F. density
G. volume
H. kinetic energy
I. thermal energy
Page 68
Sometimes fires burn down large areas of
forests that are part of the biosphere. Other
than the biosphere, which of Earth’s other
spheres is a forest fire most likely to
F. geosphere
G. cyrosphere
H. atmosphere
I. hydrosphere
Page 68
In the eighteenth century, the trade winds
played an important role in England’s
merchant fleet crossing the Atlantic Ocean.
This is how the trade winds got their name. In
the tropics, in which direction do the trade
winds drive equatorial ocean currents?
A. eastward
B. northward
C. southward
D. westward