Vikings were buried with some of their
belongings to help them in their
Viking burials often used boats like we use
caskets today.
The Vikings put a lot of stuff and objects
into their grave to help then in their
afterlife such as…..
Food & water so they were kept healthy
A Horse for transport
Clothes so they were well dressed and
kept warm
Jewellery so they looked good
weapons to help them in danger
And a lot more……
51 headless Vikings were found in
Weymouth England they were
around the mid twenties and all of
them were male. David score Oxford
Archaeology who made the
discovery and helped dig the 51
headless Viking bodies out of the
ground was amazed and had a few
more questions about his discovery.
Vikings believed in a few things they also had
traditions that they followed but their main
belief was in Odin and his son Thor who
apparently protect them from harm. Odin
was the main god who had a spear that
never misses and Thor was the god of
thunder who had a very heavy hammer.
Strange histories the Vikings-Peter Chrisp
-2003- UK-Belitha