college presentation assignment

To encourage you to begin your college search NOW, you are required to give a presentation on the college of your
choice with the objective of convincing your classmates to attend this college. Just follow the guidelines below and you
are sure to receive an A for the very last assignment grade in quarter 4!
You can choose any college you wish, BUT…it must have an acceptance rate of MORE THAN 30% and it has
not be claimed by another student in your class on the sign-up sheet (to find a college, use,
word of mouth, etc.)
Your presentation should not exceed 10 minutes (Ms. Lehre doesn’t like to share her spotlight!)
It must be presented with a visual aspect.
The information you present is up to you – remember, you want to give basic overall information as well as
information that will convince students to attend.
You will be graded not just on the information your present and how you present it, but also on how engaged you
make the class (in other words, you will also be graded on your presentation/speaking skills).
Points for an Effective Presentation:
Be aware of your color choices
Hold up your end with compelling material
Keep it simple – 6 X 6 rule
Do not parrot the presentation
Incorporate visuals (rely more on photographs than clip art)
Edit, edit, edit
Enhance readability - use legible font and type size
Do not read your presentation to your audience!
Stand for your presentation
Ask someone in the class to change your slides for you or use the electronic changer
Gather your information from a reliable source such as the college itself (if you have time and resources to visit),, or a college guide book (such as The Yale Daily News’ Insiders Guide to Colleges)
Suggested Schools on which to Present:
University of Maryland
Drexel University
University of Delaware
Penn State
UMass Amherst
Dates of presentations:
November 3/4
November 24/25
December 22/23
March 17/18
May 25/26
June 13/14
West Virginia University
Boston University
Seton Hall
American University
George Washington U
Carnegie Mellon
St. John’s University
St. Joe’s University
Fordham University
Hofstra University
Cabrini College
U of New Hampshire
Catholic University