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Creating Groups (classes, Title I groups, etc) and Test Sessions
From the Online User Guide:
Instructions are super basic, just the bit that’s highlighted green:
Next let’s look at what it’s like in the actual Pearson Accessnext site…
Now follow those SIMPLE instructions from the online manual (pictured on previous page):
From Setup > Classes, open the task list and select Create / Edit Classes or Delete Classes, as
From Setup > Students, select students then open the task list and select Manage Classes. From
here you can also create classes. Select any existing classes to have them display on the page.
Use the check boxes to indicate whether your selected students are members of each class.
Next page: next screen…
Pick your school, name your class:
Once created, you can edit the names if you need to:
OMG! So Easy!
Next: adding students…
Next: add students to classes…
First, select students. Either search by name or check the box “Show all results” to show complete list:
Next, go through the Registration steps (Enroll, Register, Manage Tests, Manage Classes):