And Then There Were None - Spring Lake Park Schools

 Analyzing
suspense to determine the
climax in the story’s plot.
 The
point in a story that creates the
greatest suspense and interest.
 At
the climax, something happens that
reveals how the conflict will turn out.
 The
uncertainty or anxiety that a reader
feels about what will happen next in a
story, novel, or drama.
 Authors
create suspense through sensory
details, foreshadowing, unexpected
twists, change in plot direction, etc.
 The
main conflict in The True Confessions
of Charlotte Doyle was Charlotte not
knowing who to trust.
 Therefore, the
part in the climax of story
that reveals that she has decided who to
trust is…?
 What
is the main conflict of this story?
 UN
Owen gathering the strangers to murder
them as punishment for their past crimes.
 What
needs to be resolved? Is he going to
be successful at killing off all of the accused.
Will he get away with it?
 Then what event reveals the outcome of the