Vocabulary for Fiction – Novels and Short Stories

Vocabulary for Fiction – Novels and Short Stories
Short Story – a fictional story usually only 10-20 pages long. Fewer
characters than novels.
Theme – the main idea or underlying truth in a story.
Plot – Series of related events that tell the story.
Setting – Time, place, and mood of a story.
Exposition – The beginning of the story where we learn about the setting, the
main character/characters, and the initial conflict.
Rising Action – parts of the plot that lead up to the climax of the story.
Climax – The most intense part of the story where reader sees how
conflict will be resolved.
Resolution – End of story where everything is tied up and explained.
Conflict – the struggle or clash between opposing sides in the story.
External Conflict – Conflict between the character and something outside the
Internal Conflict – Conflict that happens within the character’s self.
Character – Person or player in a story.
Characterization – Process of revealing a character through thoughts,
appearance, beliefs, and personality.
Dynamic character – a character who changes through a story.
Static Character – a character who stays the same through a story.
Foreshadowing – Hints or clues about what will happen later in the story.
Symbol / Symbolism – something that stands for something else.
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