English 9 Short Story Terminology Quiz /12

English 9 Short Story Terminology Quiz
Fill in the blank with the letter corresponding to the appropriate definition.
There will be leftover definitions.
____ Antagonist
A. A character who experiences a change due to the events of the story.
B. The time and place in which the events in a story occur.
____ Climax
C. An ending without a clear outcome or resolution to the conflict.
____ Conflict
D. The “unknotting” of the conflict that occurs after the climax.
E. A literary device using “like” or “as”.
____ Foreshadowing
F. A struggle between two opposing characters or forces
____ Plot
G. The point of greatest interest or intensity in a story; this usually marks
the turning point.
____ Setting
H. The sequence of events or actions in a story.
____ Protagonist
I. The use of hints or clues in a narrative to suggest what will happen
J. The storyteller.
____ Initiating Incident
K. A person or force opposing the main character in a story.
____ Symbol
L. The event that begins the conflict.
M. The series of events that lead up to the climax.
____ Narrator
N. The main character in a short story.
____ Rising Action
____ Dynamic
O. A word, object, action or character that suggests a greater meaning.