Short Stories - Plot and Setting

Journal Entry – Free Write 8/25
 It is your first journal entry of the year (YAY!! I feel your excitement) and I am
deciding to let you write on anything that you would like.
 It must be at least a half a page long and proper grammar to receive full
Short Stories: Plot and
Plot: What’s Happening?
 Plot: a series of events that are
occurring in a story
 Occur in books, movies, TV shows, etc.4
 Plot can be mapped in Freytag’s
Parts of Freytag’s Pyramid
 Exposition: part of the story in which the basic situation is outlined and the
characters and main conflict are introduced; basically the introduction to
the story.
 Rising Action: chain of events that takes place as the main character
struggles to achieve his or her goal
 Climax: the point of highest emotional intensity; sometimes the point at
which we learn the outcome of the conflict.
 Falling Action: series of events in which the conflict is starting to get solved
 Denouement/Resolution: events following the climax and falling action in
which any remaining issues are resolved.
 Struggle or clash between opposing characters, forces or emotions
 2 Basic Types of Conflict
 Internal: created when the main character undergoes an emotional struggle. It is
within the character’s own mind and heart.
 Character vs. Self
 External: created when a person or outside force prevents the main character
from achieving his or her goal.
 Character vs. Character (Ex: Harry Potter vs. Voldemort)
 Character vs. Nature (Ex: A mountain climber vs. a blizzard)
 Character vs. Society (Hunger Games Katniss vs. the Capitol)
Sometimes a story’s action is interrupted in order
to tell of events that took place in the past.
Flashback: any scene that presents events that
happen before the main time frame of a story.
Use: story tellers provide us with background
about the main events of a story or share a
character’s past.
Do you have an example?
Setting & Mood
 The time period and place in which the action of a story takes place.
 Setting can also be determined by mood
 Mood is the atmosphere a writer creates that affects the way we feel as
Foreshadowing & Suspense
Foreshadowing is the use of clue to
predict on what is or may happen in
a story
Suspense is the feeling of uncertainty
or anxiety about what is going to
happen next
Exit Journal 8/25
Tell me five things you learned
about short stories today and
how they affect/enhance a
Foreshadowing 8/26
Give me three predictions of how the rest
of “The Sniper” may go and explain why
you think that may happen.
What happens?! 8/26
If you can the end “The Sniper” after discovering
he killed his brother, what would you write
about? What would be your new ending?
Write it in your journal, tell me your ending and
why it would be better.
Suspense and Prediction – 5 points 8/27
 “The Most Dangerous Game” is a story with loads of
suspense. In your journal, describe what this “game” is
and why it is so dangerous.
Vocab – “The Most Dangerous Game”
Receding: moving into the distance
Disarming: removing suspicion or fear
Imprudent: unwise and foolish
Surmounted: overcame
Invariably: without exception
Summarize – 5 points 8/27
Briefly summarize what we have read so far?
Let’s see what you have comprehended!
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