The Chung-Yuan Festival

The Chung-Yuan Festival
The seventh lunar month is traditionally
regarded as Ghost Month.
Every fifteenth day of this month is
“Chung-Yuan Festival 中元節”.
Group 1 Sherry Chloe Bianca Deegii Roumayne
The old saying is that: on this day, ghosts
return from the underworld and wander in
the world. Hence, people worship their
ancestors to drive evil away and have their
families blessed.
Chung Yuan Putu
For example, you should not go out at
midnight on that day because you'll
probably have and eighty percent
chance of running into the ghosts.
Also, you should not wear red cord
accessories, should not bring bells,
should not dry cloths, and should not
pick money up off the street.
Today, Ghost Festival is more modest than in
the past both in grandeur and scale as the
government encourages more frugal forms of
prayer in folk customs. This kind of economy
is an apt realization of virtuous action that the
Festival has always meant to foster.