John M. Sitton, Jr. - Greenville County School District

John M. Sitton, Jr.
By: Desiree and Megan
Born January 9, 1907 in Forsyth, GA
Graduated from GHS in 1925.
President of Robert E. Lee Society in ’25
President of Manhood Club ’25
Art Editor of Nautilus ’23-’25
Orator of Mid-Year Class of ’25
Married for over fifty years, and had one
Senior Year
In his senior yearbook, John was
described as a “real gentleman of the ‘Old
South’ ” and won “the admiration and
respect of his fellow students.”
Sitton was an artist who graduated from
Marshall Provost's Studio and Yale
University in 1929. At Yale, he won the
Prix de Rome award, which granted him
three years to study in Europe.
He has painted murals for Federal Reserve
Banks and his works are located in the
following museums:
 High
Museum in Atlanta
 Lighthouse Gallery and Playhouse in Florida
 American Painters in Paris, France
Most famous mural, “Transportation”-six panel
mural in Clifton, NJ
His works won him many awards over the
years, including
 National
Mural Competition
 Riverside Memorial Chapel in New York
 First Award Portraiture
 Broward Art Guild
 Water Color Prize
 Florida Tri-County Award Annual Exhibit
He has taught watercolor, painting and art
history at the following universities:
 Columbia
 New York University
 Cornell University
Works Cited
 John M. Sitton Jr. plaque on the Wall of
Fame located in the front lobby of
Greenville Senior High
 Greenville Senior High yearbook of 1925
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