The Boozelator™ 3001 - Breathalyzer Vending Machine Business

The Boozelator™ 3001
Breathalyzer Vending Business
Blo Dad & Sons
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The Boozelator™ 3001
Breathalyzer Vending Business
Blo Dad & Sons has changed the game in breathalyzer vending, setting
new industry standards with a reliable, high accuracy machine, at an
affordable price. The Boozelator™ 3001!
The Boozelator™ 3001
Opportunity P.1
 Breathalyzer vending machines are one of the hottest new
vending products sweeping the nation in restaurant/bar
 Wouldn’t you like to know that you are making a real difference
in the world and in your community? With every Boozelator™
3001 placed, you may be saving one or more lives, possibly
someone close to you.
 Many drunk drivers choose to drive because they simply do not
realize that they are over the legal limit, and now there is a
safety tool that can guide them to make this safe decision of
when not to drive.
 The Boozelator™ 3001 business can be profitable and it also
comes with a sense of pride and respect that most jobs simply
cannot offer.
The Boozelator™ 3001
Opportunity P.2
 Aside from the safety aspect, you may find that bar-goers
enjoy using the Boozelator™ 3001 for educational purposes
to get to know their bodies limits, curiosity or for just plain
 With unemployment rates at a near all-time high and the
distraught economy, alcohol-consumption is something that
many people are not cutting out of their budget. This means
that even during tough times, your breathalyzer vending
business can still thrive!
 Even though people may not be cutting their alcohol
consumption, they are choosing to be safer to not waste
money in other ways: taking precautions to avoid a DUI to
avoid the costs and other effects it can have.
The Boozelator™ 3001
 The Boozelator™ 3001 is the most advanced BrAC
(Breath Alcohol Content) vending machine on the
planet, due to it’s high accuracy, HD monitor, options,
low maintenance and other product features.
 Uses a law-enforcement grade fuel cell sensor for highaccuracy results.
 Is two machines/businesses in one: a breathalyzer
vending machine AND an advertising monitor.
HD Advertising Monitor
 Sell ads on the LCD monitor. There is room for several hundred
ads, but we suggest capping it off around 25. We have marketing
materials and suggested pricing; even though there is suggested
pricing, you may negotiate higher or lower to seal the deal.
 Allows bars to advertise their specials & entertainment, etc.
 Attracts attention for higher BrAC usage.
 Integrates with the breathalyzer for an enhanced user-experience:
it walks the user through the BrAC process & displays results on
the large screen.
 Fully customizable: program the instructions or results with funny
or unique sayings/animations to keep users returning. It can be
like a fortune cookie with every test result.
High Accuracy Results
The Boozelator™ 3001 uses a law-enforcement grade fuel cell sensor for BrAC
results you can trust.
The same fuel cell technology is used on many police breathalyzer units.
Most BrAC vending machines use low quality semiconductor sensors, which are
not nearly as accurate or consistent, difficult to calibrate, expensive to maintain,
and do not get used as often due to their inconsistency.
Our fuel cell sensor is rated to last 2-5 years before needing replacement and can
cost under $2/year to maintain in calibration costs.
 Semiconductor sensors (the competitors alternative to fuel cell) should be
replaced a few time/year at up to ~$100 each, costing up to ~$200-$300/year to
maintain per machine. Not a great option.
 Fuel cell sensors cost $199 to replace only once every 3.5 years on average!
They cost as little as $0.20 per calibration.
 Calibrate the fuel cell once every 500-800 uses.
Boozelator™ 3001 Compared to a
Police Breathalyzer on WINK 6
O'clock News: 12/31/2009
Vending Profits
 There are no guaranteed profits with any business, and FTC laws prohibit us
from promising or stating any income. Of course every location can be
different, and we can help you find the most profitable locations. The average
operator charges between $1-$2/test.
 If you are not happy with the vending profits from one location, you can easily
relocate it to a new bar. It only weighs 35 lbs.
 Profit Calculator:
 The Boozelator™ 3001 can get more vending use than other BrAC machines
due to ways we create awareness:
 There is a lit up BREATHALYZER sign that is viewable from 50’+ away to attract
people from the other side of the bar.
 This sign is crucial, because most bars are dimly lit.
The HD Monitor is great for creating awareness.
Best Vending Locations
 College bars
 Sports bars
 Big city bars
 Pubs
 Bars that attract the younger
 Bar & grills
crowd (21-40)
 High-volume bars/clubs
 Vacation & travel
 Bars that see over 600
 Breweries
 Bowling allies
 Adult clubs
Advertising = Additional Profits
The ability to advertise is just part of what sets the Boozelator™ 3001 apart from other
vending products available today.
The Boozelator™ 3001 supports both still & video ads, both with sound.
We suggest charging ~$30/month per ad, though you may negotiate higher or lower.
Some ad spots may be valued at more, since some spots get direct exposure. For
instance, you can trigger certain ads when someone blows certain BAC scores.
We have brought advertising out of the bathrooms and into the main area of the bar. This
should surely bring more value to the advertiser!
We provide you with advertising leads, marketing materials for selling ads, sales pitches,
free lifetime support, advertising pricelists for different ad positions, advertising contracts
and more!
Why Blo Dad & Sons?
Opportunity 1:
 We offer the absolute best customer support!
 We provide FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT for your
product and business with the purchase of your 1st
We assist you with:
 Finding local bars and placing your machines (including
marketing materials, phone/email support and more).
 Finding and selling advertisers (including marketing
materials, contracts, phone support and much more).
Why Blo Dad & Sons?
Opportunity 2:
 We provide the most advanced product on the market, the
Boozelator™ 3001:
 It is capable of producing higher vending sales than other BrAC
vending machines due to it’s sleek appearance and other ways
we create awareness.
It’s sleek appearance makes it easier to find locations and gain
acceptance by bar owners.
Our machine offers a dual income source.
Our business opportunity is one of the least expensive
businesses to own (under $2,000!) & maintain (~$30/year per
Our machine is among the most accurate with the least
maintenance on the market.
Why Blo Dad & Sons?
Opportunity 3:
 Experience In The Field:
 Our head engineer has work directly with some of the largest
companies in the world in new product development and/or
division management for companies such as GE, Velcro, Black
N’ Decker, Norelco, MedSource, Guardian, RainBird, just to
name a few.
 Our VP of marketing has been in national, regional and local
advertising sales since 2005, and has mapped out a unique
plan for you tailored to your Boozelator™ 3001 business.
 We own and operator our own breathalyzer vending route and
we are happy to share our secrets with you for success!
Boozelator™ 3001 Fuel Cell
1: $1,995
2-5 : $1,895 each
6-10 : $1,795 each
11-15 : $1,745 each
21-25 : $1,645 each
26-50 : $1,595 each
51-100 : $1,495 each
100+ : Negotiable
16-20 : $1,695 each
 Pricing based on the
standard 12” monitor. We
can customize 15” & 19”
No Liability
 A BrAC vending machine is not a liability for several reasons:
 A person cannot self-administer their own drug and/or alcohol test for
evidentiary purposes; specifically once they are already under the
 Even a road-side police breathalyzer would never hold up in court, just for
 In order for a BrAC test to hold up in court, it must meet just some of the
following criteria:
 It must be administered by a certified tech.
 It must be administered in a controlled environment, not a bar or other public
 It must keep a detailed record of everyone that blows into it, including name,
time, date and results. The Boozelator™ 3001 does not.
 There must be two sensors on the official machine that must be accurate
within a certain % of each other. Every state can be different on this. The
Boozelator™ 3001 only has one sensor.
 There are more criteria, including special certified calibration equipment, etc.
 You should maintain the Boozelator™ 3001 once every 4-8
weeks on average.
 Regular visits includes re-filling straws and collecting cash.
 Calibrate the fuel cell sensor once every 2-3 maintenance
runs, on average (Every 500-800 uses. 500 for peak
 Roughly 3-5 minutes per visit.
 Total maintenance cost is ~$30/year.
 Straws are under $0.01 each, and calibrating can cost as
little as $0.20/calibration.
Benefits Of Owning
A Boozelator™ 3001
Vending Route
•Cash business
•Work from anywhere
•Low Maintenance
•Help save lives
•Promote safety in your
•Enormous growth potential
•Unique business
•One of the lowest cost ‘start-up’
businesses available with the
least expensive maintenance
Wide Open Market For
 With probably less than 3% of the total bars and clubs in the USA
having a breathalyzer vending machine, this is a ground floor
opportunity to be an early adopter taking control of your own local
market, financial future and claiming your territory while it is still
 With the costs & effects of DUI’s forever getting higher and more
serious, there is a growing use for an ‘accurate’ breathalyzer
machine in every alcohol-serving establishment in the country.
 Where else can you advertise in the ‘main’ area of the bar?! The
Boozelator™ 3001 is bringing advertising out of the restrooms and
into the main area of the bar.
 People spend ~97% of their time in the main area of the bar, and
maybe only ~3% of their time in the bathroom. If advertisers will
purchase space in the bathroom, why wouldn’t they purchase
space in the main area of the bar where people actually spend
their time?!
 Size: 24”x16”x6”
 Weight: 35lbs
 Straw capacity:
 Cash capacity: 400600
 Vend price:
 Ad types: video and still,
both with sound!
 Languages: any
 On/off timer
 On-board calibration
 Self cleaning
 HD monitor: 12” or
customized larger
(15”, 19”+)
 Wall and stand
 Accuracy: +/-0.005%
Options & Upgrades
 Credit card acceptor starting at $299.00 - in place of
cash acceptor.
 Credit card acceptor IN ADDITION to cash acceptor
starting at $349.00
 Automatic straw dispenser: $119.00
 Dispenses only 1 straw with every vend.
Cost of a DUI
 The average cost of a DUI is over $10,000.
Raised Insurance Rates
Lawyer Fees
Towing, Impound & Storage Fees
DMV Reinstatement
Required In-Car Breathalyzer System For Operating
Effects Will A DUI
Will Or May Be
 $10,000+ in total
 Suspended license
(3-12 months for first
 Loss of job
 Criminal record,
making it difficult for
future employment
 Social humility
 Jail time (at least a
visit/1 night if not
 Mandatory drug &
alcohol classes
 Potential serious
injury or harm
Drunk Driving Stats
 Over 10,000 people per year are killed in DUI-related accidents in the USA.
That is one every 50 minutes.
 Drunk driving accounts for over 30% of motor vehicle fatalities each year in
the USA.
 Drunk driving costs each adult in the USA almost $500 per year, including
raised insurance rates and more.
 One in three people will be involved in an alcohol-related crash in their
 A 1st DUI can cost $10,000+ and a 2nd + time offender much more.
 Every minute, one person is injured from an alcohol-related crash.
MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Statistics, 2011
Tools & Videos
 For a video overview visit:
and click on the video that appears.
 Boozelator™ 3001 makes headlines:
 How much can I profit? Profit calculator:
 Competition:
 Testimonials:
Thank You For Viewing Our Slide Show!
You are encouraged to contact us with any questions you may have. You will not find
pushy sales people at our office, yet you will find a friendly staff that is here to ‘educate’
you on the product and the industry. It’s up to you whether you want to buy or not, based
on the information we provide you.
Blo Dad & Sons
2722 Skyline Blvd, Suite #1
Cape Coral, FL 33914
[email protected]
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