ICT in Advertising

AS Applied ICT
D Royall
This presentation considers the following aspects of advertising and
how ICT has impacted it.
What is advertised
Methods of Advertising
Types of Advertising
Methods of Advertising
Types of Advertising
Hardware Considered
Software Considered
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New IT products have changed what is available on the market.
Examples are:
 Computers
and peripherals
 Electronic Products such iPhones, Media players and
Mobile Phones
 Computers Games – consoles, games from stores
and games for downloading
 Web Based services such as e-commerce, banking
on-line and home delivery
 Domestic (white goods, flat screen TV sets etc)
have become IT based and such advances need
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Web Sites – getting people to visit a web site is
 Blogging
 Billboards and advertisements on things such as
vehicles (can be used to promote a business web
 Links from web sites and adverts on other sites
such as GOOGLE
 DTP able to help create adverts in Newspapers,
Magazines, Flyers and Posters
 Multimedia now used to create adverts for TV,
Cinema and Radio – please bear in mind the vast
growth in radio and TV channels
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Product Advertising
IT has allows better visual presentation of goods on TV, Web Sites and with presentations at
exhibitions and in stores. For examples, cars be seen being driven, food being eaten,
Business Advertising
IT has allowed business to advertise themselves more effectively. It is a form of advertising
where it is the BUSINESS that is the focal point rather than the product. Business now spend a
great deal of time resources promoting themselves to other business – which requires a very
different approach and a different type of media.
Service Advertising
Government Services
Social Services
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 Computers
with Mouse and Keyboard
 Printer (laser and inkjet)
 Scanner
 Modem
 Microphone
 Speakers
 Video camera
 Digital camera
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 Web
authoring packages
 Word-processing
 Spreadsheet
 Database
 Communications software
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1. A Business has set up quite an impressive
web site that both advertises the business
and provide e-commerce facilities to its
customers. Explain to a new business how it
could ensure it had plenty of visitors to its
web site (500 words).
2. Imagine you are going to set up a small
advertising agency. Describe the hardware
and software you will need giving reasons for
your choices and how you will use such
products (500 words).
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