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Training Module for Rosterlive Employee Self Service
5. My Timesheet
This module is to be undertaken by all employees
RosterLive ESS is a totally web based solution and is accessible via a computer connected
to the internet.
RosterLive ESS is how you complete Time Sheets, view your Roster and change your
Payroll details
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Once Logged in to RosterLive ESS you will be taken to the Home screen
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To manage your Timesheet click on My Timesheet tab or My Timesheet Icon.
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Timesheet Process
The process that you will follow to submit your timesheet for Payroll is as follows:
Employee will update timesheet as required to ensure it accurately reflects their times for the previous pay
Employee will “post” timesheet to Coordinator. You must “post” the timesheet by 07:00 on the Friday
following the completion of the fortnightly pay period. You need to make sure that your timesheet is
“posted” by this time or it may not be included in Payroll and you will have to contact your Coordinator.
Coordinator will “submit” the timesheet for the Regional Manager. The Coordinator and the Regional
Manager will have the ability to decline and edit your timesheet if required. The Coordinator and Regional
Manager will be able to see all items you have added to your timesheet.
Employee will be able to see their approved timesheet. It will be “locked” so no further changes can be
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You can update any of the lines as required. Use the drop down arrows in most columns to select from a list
You can click directly into the Start Time & End Time column at the front of the time and type over a new
time. The time you enter must be in 24 Hour clock. See Module 4 My Roster for the “24 Hour Clock
Conversion Table.
You can use the Tab button on your keyboard to tab between fields.
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When you change fields, on the far left side of the line you have changed , a pink colour will show. To save
changes click on the Save button and the colour will disappear.
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When changing times you must always add a comment to the line changed. Click on the Comment
column and a box appears to type in a comment.
For example you may have to change the time from 18:00 to 18:15 because a parent arrived late to pick up
a child.
Click Save . Holding your mouse over the comment in the Comment box will show the whole comment.
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You may have completed work that is not your normal work, if the time is not for normal work then click
down on the drop down arrow on Work Type and choose the Work Type that you performed.
Annual Leave
Meetings that you may have attended
Personal Leave with no Doctors Certificate
Personal Leave with Doctors Certificate
Training sessions that you may have attended
You can also choose the School that you worked at
Page 8
You may have a complete blank timesheet or have to enter some more lines to your current timesheet.
Click on the Add button and a new line appears at the end of the timesheet.
Update the line and click Save. Keep adding lines as required. The new lines will be saved in date time order.
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To delete lines from your timesheet, tick the select box on the far left of the line and then click on the Delete
You can select multiple to delete multiple if required.
Once your timesheet is completed then click on the Post Timesheet button.
Note: You can only post a timesheet once per pay period so make sure that you will have no more shifts to
add before you post (If your last shift in the pay cycle is on a Thursday, you can post then, you do not have
to wait until Monday). The Post Timesheet button will not be available after 08:00 on the Monday following
the close of the fortnight pay cycle.
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Once posted then the Timesheet will be locked and show a blue “P” on the far left side of each line.
Following your post, your Coordinator will receive the timesheet and make any changes as required and
submit to your Regional Manager. Once your Coordinator or Regional Manager has made changes , then
the next time you view your timesheet you will see that it reflects those changes.
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