Sponsorship Proposal for Boxing Events


* Photo used with permission from Robert Reid Photography

   Predominant age range: 18-54 years.

Predominant household income: $50,000 $74,999 Predominant employment status: Full Time  Race varies on weight class and who is fighting  Mostly followed by men, but the number of women interested in the sport have increased over the years.

* Source: Lesions Media. http://legionsmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Boxing-Demographics.pdf.

Accessed January 19, 2014.

Neutral corner cushions

sponsorship- viewed by the spectators of the show and photographed in professional photography which is shown on various types of social and other forms of media. Also viewed by an international audience during televised shows.

Banner at weigh-in and show sponsorship-

photographed at the weigh-in, seen by audience at the show, also seen by an international audience during televised shows.

Posters and flyers

sponsorship- seen on social media, various locations around the area of the show, posted on the pacopresentsboxing.

com website.

Program sponsorship- programs are handed out at each event and can be seen by an audience of 1,000-1,500 people.

Lanyard sponsorship-

Lanyards are worn by the promoters, all staff of Paco Presents Boxing, media, commission, and boxer representatives.

Ticket Sponsorship- Your company’s logo on the back of the tickets for the event.

 Additional options include:  Chair Sleeves- for chairs around the ring and VIP sections 

Wrist bands

     Don Chargin Productions and Paco Presents host 9-12 shows per year.

All packages can be developed based on your company’s needs. Sponsorships can be set up for an entire year, group of events or single events.

Options for advertisements can be combined into packages or single sponsorship items.

Please contact Paco Damian to set up a meeting to discuss options (530) 312-1406 or email [email protected]