NCVPS InfoSession PowerPoint

AP or Honors Courses not offered locally
 Year-long and Block courses
 On-level Courses
 Credit Recovery Courses
 Summer Term Courses
 OCS Courses (occupational course of
 Helps with scheduling conflicts for
graduation requirements
 Students will be enrolled on a individual
 See your counselor!!!
Students will be registered in the NCVPS system
If course seats are available, students will be
Students may be wait listed-have a back-up plan
in mind!
Students will be assigned a log-in and password
to the NCVPS system when enrolled in a course
(must see Virtual Academy Coordinator).
An online Student Orientation to
Blackboard/Moodle must be completed before
starting the course.
Log-in @ or
1. First timers must be on-campus.
› Freshman, sophomores, and first
semester juniors
2. All Credit Recovery must be completed
4. Eligible for off-campus if:
already completed an NCVPS course (applicable to all
2nd semester Junior or a Senior
Medical reason and/or hardships which must be approved by
administration… ex: Physical Therapy (to all students)
Must be making a 70 or higher to stay off campus (required to
come back on campus if lower than 70)
5. Cannot take instead of teacher-taught (faceface) class provided:
Class is available on campus
Room in the class
Fits within student schedule
Communication will be essential for success
› Please make sure that we have the correct contact
information (phone and email) for both student and
› Parents: Please make yourself as available as possible
to communicate with online instructors. Also, check
your students online course regularly.
Log in regularly to their class
 Plan to ensure enough time to study and
complete assignments
 Communicate with online Teacher and
Virtual Academy Coordinator
 "Speak up" Call, text, email, etc….
 Are self-disciplined, self-motivated and
Parents are responsible for their child’s
online course
 Log in to your child’s course each week
 Check their progress and grades
 Communicate with the online teacher
 Communicate with the Virtual Academy
› You cannot check updated grades for your
child’s NCVPS course on PowerSchool
Student’s Updated Grades and Progress
› Log in to student’s account each week
› Call or email teacher
› Contact the Virtual Academy Coordintor
Communication is Key to Success!!!!
Meet the teacher:
› Log on to your course August 21st
Courses Begin:
› August 26th
Last Day to Drop/Add
› September 5th
5th Day of Course
› If your child does not log on and does not show activity in
the course, he/she will be dropped
› 5th day drop September 1st
› 10th day drop September 8th
Learning Lab available for On-Campus
› Located in 218
Virtual Academy Coordinator available
for support and coaching:
› Jessica Milligan
E-Learning Advisor:
› Alan McNaughton at 350-2072, ext 218 or at
[email protected]
› The ELA will also coordinate all text books,
supplemental materials, testing, and grade
Virtual Academy Coordinator:
› Jessica Milligan ext 218 or
[email protected]
Help Desk contacts:
› Instructor: Contact information can be found
under Teacher Information
› NCVPS Student Support Services Center: 1-800297-3203