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Contact: David Edwards
March 10, 2010
Chief Communications and Professional Learning Officer
NCVPS and Education Department of the North Carolina Museum of Art collaborate
on Online Course Development
Raleigh, NC – Six NCVPS teachers met with the Education Department of the North Carolina Museum of Art on
February 27th to begin development of a new course offering in Arts Education. During the day, these
teachers and museum educators worked in the Museum’s galleries to brainstorm ideas for a course
tentatively titled “Video Editing with a Renaissance Brain,” which will be offered through the NCVPS in Fall
Acting Director of Education for the North Carolina Museum of Art, Ashley Weinard told the NCVPS educators
that “this project was a strategic part of the Museum’s plan to impact the lives of high school students across
the State.” The course will focus on the entire spectrum of video from storyboarding to post-production
techniques. Key concepts of the course will be explored through works of art in the Museum’s collection and
a particular emphasis on the innovations in thinking that occurred during the Renaissance period. One of the
principle pieces that will be studied in the course is Devorah Sperber’s, After the Mona Lisa 2. This multimedia
work uses 5, 184 spools of Coats Dual Duty thread as the color palette to re-imagine Leonardo da Vinci’s
famous painting. The techniques that Sperber used will be featured as a point of reference and inspiration for
video production throughout the course, providing a link between Renaissance thinking and 21 st century skills
for North Carolina high school students.
Information and registration for this course will be forthcoming in the Fall 2010 NCVPS Course Catalog at
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