Vocab Skits


Vocab Skits

You, your group, and a gaggle of great words!

Each week…

 You will be given 15 minutes to begin work on your vocab skit with your assigned group  Need more time? You’ll need to find it on your own  Skits will be presented each Wednesday

The Details:

 10 vocab words  Use contextually (use synonyms to prove to me you know the word!)  2-3 minute skit  Must show evidence of preparation

The Weekly Rubric:

___(5) Has a complete storyline ___(10) Uses all vocab words contextually, showing meaning ___(1) Includes all group members ___(1) Is appropriate for class ___(1) Each member has a written script ___(2) Between 2-3 minutes _____ TOTAL 20

Won’t be here on Wednesday?

 The only make-up for vocab skits is to write and present a poem to the class  You have one week to complete the poem from date of absence  Poem rubric will be given to you as requested  Similar concept to skits--use all words in context in a 15-20 line poem  Must have a relevant illustration