SSAT Vocab Week 3

SSAT Vocab Terms # 3
HW Activity
PURPOSE: To help you learn the following vocabulary terms, choose from the menu options below.
INSTRUCTIONS: Choose one of the options, complete the task, and turn it in for credit. These exercises will be due
every Friday that lit terms or vocabulary are assigned and are worth 10 points each. Remember, Bold or Highlight
each lit term that you use.
GRADING: 10 points
Sentences – Write 10 sentences with 1 vocabulary term in each sentence.
Story – Tell a story using all 10 words (no more than 1 vocab term per sentence).
Poem/Song – Write a Poem or Song that uses all 10 words (no more than 1 vocab term per line).
Visual – Use a program like Comic Life or a hand-drawn story/storyboard to create a visual that incorporates the
lit terms (no more than 1 vocab term per sentence).
Presentation - Make a PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi presentation with 1 vocab term in a sentence per page.
SSAT Vocab Terms – List #3
1.aghast: struck by amazement or terror
2.amiable: friendly, affable
3.benign: non-threatening, innocuous
4.callous: harsh, cold, unfeeling
5.copious: abundant, plentiful
6.differentiate: to distinguish, to make different
7.fatuous: silly, foolish
8.fortitude: strength, bravery
9.hierarchy: a ranking system of groups or individuals
10.iniquity: a wicked act, a sin
Based on the option that you choose, you may complete the activity on this document in the space provided below: