Sun yixian

Sun Yixian
Madelyn Lopez
Nestor Ramos
Early Years
Sun Yixian was born in the kingdom of Hawaii on
November 24th, 1870. He was raised by a peasant
family in the village of Cuiheng Xiangshan. He was
known as a Chinese revolutionary and political leaders
referred him as the father of modern china. He was the
first provisional president when the Republic of China
was founded in 1912 and then founder of the
Kuomintang where he served as its first leader. Although
Sun is considered one of the greatest leaders of modern
China, his political life was one of constant struggle and
frequent exile.
The End of Qing Dynasty
The Qing Dynasty ruled over china since 1644
Sun Yixian overthrew the Dynasty in 1911
He wanted to establish a modern government
that was based on:
nationalism- an end to foreign control
People’s rights- democracy
People’s livehood- economic security for all
Nationalism is the belief that people should
be loyal mainly to their nation, to the people
with their share of culture and history. It
started in the late 1800’s and continued
through the early 1900’s.
Nationalists vs. Communists
A bitter civil war was raging between the
Nationalists and the Communists when the
Japanese invaded China in 1937. Mao Zedong
was the leader of the communists, he had a
stronghold in northwestern china. He mobilized
peasants for guerrilla war against the Japanese in
the northeast .cause of their efforts to promote
literacy and improve food production they won the
peasants 1945 they controlled most of
northern China
Nationalist Vs. Communists Cont.
Under Jiang Jieshi the Nationalists dominated
southwestern China. He was protected by rugged
mountain ranges, he took advantage by building
an army of 2.5 million men. From 1942 to 1945,
the united states sent the Nationalist at least $1.5
billion in aid to fight the Japanese. The nationalist
army saved its strength for the coming battle
against Mao’s Red army. When Japan
surrendered, the Nationalist and Communists
continue fighting.
The Two Chinas Affect the Cold
China has split into two nations, which were the island of
Taiwan also known as the Nationalist China and the main
land or People Republic of China. The conflicting
international loyalties they inspired caused the cold war to
become more intensified. After Jiang Jieshi fled to
Nationalist China the U.S helped him set up a Nationalist
government on that small island .this was called the
Republic of China. The Communist China received
financial, military and technical aid from the Soviets
because of this Chinese and the Soviets pledged to come
to each others defense if either one was attack. The U.S
tried to stop the Soviets from expanding in Asia .
Chinese political opponents during 1945
Communists vs Nationalists
The Failing economy
There was weak public support on Jiang Jieshi