Poster Template 3 - The University of Alabama

Title of the Research Study
Researchers Full Names
Faculty Mentor
The University of Alabama (+any partners)
This template addresses layout structure in
traditional academic poster presentations.
This is a short (50-100 word) summary of your
research. Your abstract should be able to stand
alone, completely self-contained. This section is
75 words at 28 point font. Your body text should
be between 24 and 32 point font. This section is
75 words at 28 point font. Your body text should
be between 24 and 32 point font.
Images are a great way to break up text. Any
images you select should be:
• relevant to your work
• placed in the section where they are a useful
• be of a high enough quality to be visual
supportive, not distracting
Use a cross platform font. If you use a
downloaded font or use a font that is specific to
one environment (i.e. only Mac or only Windows),
you must embed that font in your PDF. Here is a
bit about embedding fonts:
• Lists and bullets are more readable than walls
of text
• Black text on a light background is easier to
• Cross-platform fonts are encouraged
• All headings should be a sans-sarif font (need
to know what this is? About sans-sarif fonts
• Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Trebuchet
• Body font can be any easily readable font
• Times New Roman, Garamond, Bookman
Old Style, Book Antiqua
To bring in charts from Excel- select the chart
in your excel file and select Edit->copy, then
switch to your PowerPoint file and select Edit>paste. The chart can be resized as needed for
your poster without losing quality or readability.
Scientific Symbols in these charts do not always
translate correctly. For best results, use the
Symbol font for scientific characters.
Future Directions
You must send a .pdf to the printer. See step by
step directions in the poster design handout.
Image file types-The preferred image format for
all inserted images is JPG if you do not need a
transparent background..
• .png for transparency
• .jpg for non-transparent images
Do not enlarge images after they have been
inserted into PowerPoint
To adjust an image and retain proportion, hold
down the Shift key on your keyboard and click
and drag with your mouse on one of the corners
in order to scale it.
Chart or picture
Figure 1
Caption 1
Figure 2