What`s Wrong with this Slide

#1 What's Wrong with this
• Tell me what is wrong with this slide
• Tell me what you like and don’t like about this slide
• Does this look like something you would want to look at
during a presentation of important information?
What about this slide, what is
wrong with it?
Does anything look funny?
What would you do to change it?
Does anything appear out of order?
What would you do to change things?
Last one…
What is wrong with this slide?
Do you like anything on this slide
How easy is it for you to see things?
What about if I just keep typing and don’t say
anything important, but make you have to read all
this stuff anyways?
Are you having trouble readying yet?
Am I putting too many words on here?
Is the font too small for you to read?
Are you tired of me asking you questions?