Research Poster Template

Your Poster Title Here
Name of your School(s)
Department Name(s)
Faculty’s Full Name, Students Full Names w/year (i.e. 1st year UG) or grad status (i.e. MS/PhD/Postdoc)
GOAL: Showcase your most exciting research or
creative work. You are part of the research &
scholarship fabric at UVa- use the non-grey area on the
poster in any way you like. You must fill in your title
information above and answer the grey area questions.
Everything else is up to you.
Please be as creative as you would like.
Research/Scholarship displayed must be “Current work
or published /completed work in the last two years”
Use pictures! All the things currently in this white space
can be removed
More information available at
Note: For arts/performance/design work- if you are selected as a finalist,
we will find a way to exhibit your original work. For the initial submission
you will need to submit a poster in this format. We recommend a photo
or the art work, design, or project.
examples are shown below:
Project Activities:
Brief Project Overview:
Add Pictures
or graphics
from your
We would like you to use large type. Do not use font size below 12.
Posters need to be readable from a distance
Please leave these on your poster
Presidential Inauguration Research Poster Competition
April 14, 2011
Please place here a brief
prose statement or a
bulleted list with no more
than 150 words addressing
“how your work responds to
the 5 criteria”. They are: 1.
Quality of inquiry,
performance, design,
outcomes. 2. Potential
impact on or contribution to
society. Contributions within
and beyond your discipline.
3. Advance in knowledge. 4.
Innovation, creativity, risktaking, exploration at
frontiers. 5. Collaboration
with inside and outside
partners. The idea of this is
a person that is not from
your discipline or even one
that is from similar
background can quickly
read this information about
your project. The printed
size of the displayed posters
will be 18 x 24 (portrait). We
need you to use font of this
size (24 Arial) in the grey
area for consistency and
readability. If you need
further help, please send an
email to .
This text is 150 words.
Yours should be similar.