Samantha Module Setup and Troubleshooting

General notes/quirks
› Letters only in the
› 802.11g & 802.11b
› Use a different
router for internet
and robotics
› Use a simple
password and
security setting
The SSID is
and contains
only letters
Click “Save”
to write the
to the flash
Pressing “OK” will lead you to an empty
FCS screen.
When both the NXT and Main Switch are turned on, the Red
Power light should be solid, the white Wifi light flashing on and
off, and the blue NXT light solid.
You want to press this “Choose” button because
that is where your controller is currently registered.
If nothing shows
up on this list make
sure the computer
you are using is
connected to the
same wireless
network as the
Also, be sure both
your main power
switch, and NXT
are turned on.
connecting for
the first time,
the module will
not recognize
the computer
attempting to
pair. As a
security and
precaution, you
are required to
press the red
button on your
Samantha to
confirm the
pairing request.
This should only
happen when:
•Connecting to
a computer for
the first time
•Connecting to
a computer
after the robot
was connected
to a different
network (after
After successfully connecting, the status for your robot
should either be yellow or green
Yellow Condition:
Green Condition:
•No Program is
•Program is either
actively running
or waiting for
command from
the FCS
•NXT or Main
battery is low:
check the
•If the main
battery is low,
power light
will also begin
•NXT and Main
battery voltages
are nominal
By clicking
“Configuration” in
the FCS, you can
choose to enable,
disable, extend, and
shorten time for the
autonomous and
By clicking “Details”
next to your team’s
robot, you can gain
access to more
information including
the firmware version,
and IP Address.
By clicking on your
robot’s IP address in
the “Details” menu,
an internet browser
window will pop up
with even more
regarding amount of
packets sent,
number of joystick
messages, etc.
Don’t include numbers or other characters in the
The SSID is case-sensitive in the Samantha
Configuration Utility
Use a flash drive <2GB to configure your Samantha
Having an indicator light on your flash drive is useful
to confirm your module is reading the configuration
If you switch networks on your computer, the FCS
needs to be restarted
Position your robotics router close to the field for a
good connection
Use Anderson Powerpole connectors to ensure the
Samantha Module receives uninterrupted power
Use zip ties to hold down any excess USB cable
so it cannot shake if the robot takes a hit
Don’t mount the Samantha module on metal
backing, as radio signals are affected
Because the antenna are parallel with the long
edge, mount it with the narrow, flat side
parallel to the ground
Make your power switch easily accessible. If
the NXT freezes, the motors with continue
moving until the main power switch is shut off
The red button and lights on the Samantha
must be easily accessible per rule <RG07.c>
FIRST has documentation
on the FTC website
including video tutorials
and PDF’s to supplement
your knowledge of the
Samantha module. These
documents are all on the
“Team Resources” page on
the FIRST Tech Challenge
Additionally, this
PowerPoint can be found
on our website at
FIRST Tech Challenge Website –
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 Our Website –
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