Hi, everyone. I hope this video finds you well*both students and

Hi, everyone. I hope this video
finds you well—both students
and parents!
Miss Peters
• My name is Samantha Peters.
• I have received a Bachelor’s degree of Science
in Education from the University of West
• I have been teaching for four years.
• In my spare time I enjoy swimming and
• I am committed to helping students with their
needs in order to help them to achieve this
• I am also committed to working with parents
and their needs as well.
Ways of Contact
• If you ever need anything you may contact me
via email at Samanthapeters10@yahoo.com
or on my mobile device which is 678-523-6173
• The next step for students would be to log on
through their wiki spaces blog so that they
could get started with the material throughout
the course.
• Well I look forward to working with everyone
this semester throughout this course.
• Yours Truly, Samantha Peters