A Virtual Professional Learning Community

Scholarship Team in Action to Recruit STAR
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Presenters: Marty Sugerik Project Coordinator
Samantha Carter Cohort 2 Scholar
Defining the Problem
 Provide Seamless Support
 District Uniqueness
 House Resources
 Geographic Location
 Promote Communication
 Limited Budgets
 Support Differentiation
 Multiple Schedules
 Enhance Collaboration
 Specific Scholar Needs
 Build Network
 Time
A Blended Model
 What happens between
face to face interaction?
 Virtual can capture face
to face.
 24/7/365 Access
Face to Face
Face to Face
 Minimizes time and cost
Roles and Responsibilities
Project Coordinator
STAR Scholars
 Facilitate Managing the Site
 Manage the Site
 Provide Resources
 Provide and Access Resources
 Build Collaboration
 Collaborate
 Enhance Partnerships
 Enhance Networking
 Monitor Trends
 Monitor Learning
Contact Information
 http://uncw.edu/ed/star/ UNCW STAR Program
 Marty Sugerik [email protected]
Send an e-mail to request access to MATHGODZ
Virtual Professional Learning Community
UNCWSTARZ site will be active August 1 contact
Marty Sugerik or Samantha Carter for access to this
site. Samantha Carter [email protected]
Virtual Professional Learning Community
Professional Learning Community
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