Let*s learn words in neapolitan dialect *

Let’s learn words
in neapolitan
dialect 
 Neapolitan is pronounced like it’s written.
 For example, there are many words that are different from
 The letter j is pronunciated like ”gl”.
 Usually, if a word ends with two vocals you don’t have to
pronunciate them.
Sounds and the film
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktJPlWf1yh4
 This is a song taken from the film ”Gomorra” with lyrics.
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x317vRlxu5k
This a scene taken from the film where the two boys
have stolen drugs from the Africans, and then, the boss
of Caserta , a city near Naples, calls them to tell them
they mustn’t steal in his area.
 Amma sparà= dobbiamo sparare= we have to shoot
 Ve taj a chep=vi taglio la testa=I cut your head
 E guardie, e guardie=la polizia=the police
 Puos a drog=metti via la droga=hide the drug
 Fuj, fuj=scappa, scappa=run away
 Jamm ja sagl=vieni sali=come here and
Elena Dalpozzo,Francesca Fiengo