3.Marketing Our Film

How we should market our film
First off, Devotion is by no means a large, blockbuster, with a limitless budget
for marketing, and so any attempt at marketing the film would need to be
bearing this in mind.
Therefore, a smaller independent distribution company such as Lionsgate (Lord
of War, The Devils Double), or Vertigo (Monsters, Bronson) would be
appropriate for releasing the film. This is because they already have expertise
and connections, from releasing similar films to the same target audience
It is a conventional thriller film, and therefore could be appreciated all over the
world, in many different cultures. This means that an international marketing
campaign may be appropriate.
Innovative, and interesting, new marketing ideas should be explored so that the
target audience is intrigued, and so that the cost of the campaign is minimised.
A good example of this is the Cloverfield marketing campaign, which was
successful, in that they kept all of the details about the film very secret. This had
the knock on effect of making people interested in what it was all about.
Going about marketing Devotion
The first step to marketing the product would be to create a short
cinematic trailer, that we could then spread all over the place.
Once we had finished the trailer, we would distribute it, by getting
television play for it, spreading it across the internet, using services such as
facebook, twitter, and youtube.
It would also be important to have a good movie poster, that would attract
attention to the film, and allude to the sort of film and the genre of the
movie. A great example of this is the V for Vendetta promotional posters,
which utilised highly edited graphics, to give an artistic feel, and a striking
similarity to various communist freedom posters.
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