Keep it Simple

ANZBA Electronic Posters
Electronic posters will be displayed during the ASM
on four monitors. The posters will rotate
automatically and each poster will be shown for
one minute. Delegates will be able to pause
individual posters to view them in more detail.
There will also be an index to allow delegates to
find an individual poster.
Posters will be displayed in theme groups (Care,
Prevention and Research). Care posters will be
displayed over Wednesday and Thursday (due to
the volume) and Prevention and Research posters
on Friday. During morning and afternoon tea on
Wednesday and Thursday and morning tea on
Friday, there will be informal discussion sessions
with authors of posters. The website will be
updated with discussion session details.
Electronic Poster Template
All posters will have the banner graphic
and control bar: please use the template
to prepare your poster. There is no
specific criteria for the layout within the
white space – use it as you wish.
All video and audio files must be
embedded in your slide. As you will only
be sending a single PowerPoint slide file,
do not have links to any external media
files. All videos, audio and animations
should be set to auto play and finish
within the one minute display time. We
suggest you only embed one video or
audio file and use animation sparingly.
Keep the background simple and subtle;
use a light coloured background with
dark text.
Do not use WordArt, reflections, drop
shadows, 3D, semitransparent fills or
textured backgrounds; they are
unpredictable when moving slides
between systems and are not necessary.
We will check embedded video and audio
files work. We will not be able to check
animation. The preferred fonts are
Verdana, Calibri or Arial.
Keep it Simple
Make your poster clear and clean:
avoid unnecessary clutter and
“special effects” that do not add
Delegates will also be able to view posters via the
ASM website and App.
A QuickTime Sample Video set to Autostart
The original video was in mp4 format, 30
seconds long and 2.1MB.
Design Tips
Due Date
All posters must be uploaded via the
ANZBA 2013 Online Portal by 22
September 2013.
Electronic Poster Notes
The monitors used will be a minimum of 42 inch. The
screen aspect ratio is 16:9. NB: The template slide is
already set up as a 16:9 slide; save the template
slide to your computer to design your poster.
Fonts and sizes are at your discretion however, we
recommend, Calibri, Arial or Verdana. The template
and these instructions are prepared in Verdana 9.
Layout is also at your discretion, however, brevity
and clarity are the essence of a good electronic
poster. The aim of the electronic poster is to display
your work in a concise form, enabling delegates to
grasp the essentials of the subject in a short time
frame. Ensure images/graphs are placed relative to
text. Where any references are made to equipment
or products, ensure the manufacturer/trade name are
used. Electronic posters should be non-commercial
acknowledgements for any financial support should be
made and patient anonymity must be protected.
Video and audio files
PowerPoint single slide
not work. Videos should
and a maximum size of
be set to auto play.
must be embedded in the
you send. External links will
be a maximum of 55 seconds
20MB. Video and audio must
Check your poster and make sure it is clear and easy
to read when viewed on a 42 inch screen from 1.5
metres. It is critical you check your poster on a
computer other than the one you use to create the
poster because you can check any videos are
embedded correctly and the layout and fonts transfer
as you want.
Many features of PowerPoint can be unpredictable
when moving slides between systems and when
incorporating slides into a new slide show.
Do not use WordArt, reflections, drop shadows,
3D, semitransparent fills or textured backgrounds.
Test your poster on another computer and using a
42 inch monitor. This will allow you to check videos
and audio files work, fonts transport correctly and
general clarity of your poster.
The PowerPoint file must
have the .ppt or .pptx
Specifications of the equipment
provided for Electronic Posters
OS: Windows 7
Digital Display Monitor
Type: Minimum 42" LCD TV
Orientation: Landscape
PowerPoint Version
Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows
Electronic Poster Submission
Electronic posters are to be
submitted through the ANZBA
2013 Online Portal. The portal
will open for the submission of
posters on 1 August and close on
22 September. To ensure that
your poster is included it must be
submitted by 22 September.
We will only be checking videos
play correctly once you submit
your poster. We will not be
checking or providing feed back
on your layout or design.
If we spot anything that clearly
doesn’t look correct we will ask
you to check your layout and
resubmit the poster.
For embedded video files use:
• MPEG4-AVC using H.264/AAC
• Windows Media Video (.wmv)
For embedded images use:
• .jpeg or .png file formats in a
resolution of 72 or 96 dpi.