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Sonoma State University
Your Future, Your Destination,
Your University
Discover the Sonoma Experience
Student Outreach Office 707.664.3029
• Northern CA Destination
• Located in Sonoma
County, heart of wine
• Rural but not isolated,
45 minutes from SF
• Outdoor recreation
Who We Are
SSU Community
Smaller Size Campus- less than 10,000
Foster RELATIONSHIP building &
LEADERSHIP development
Residential Campus:
Most Residential Campus in CSU
50% of undergrads living on campus
COLLABORATIVE Learning Environment
Pre Health Professions, Wine Business,
Business & Econ, Psychology & Social
COPLAC: high quality liberal arts
education; one university per state.
Green Music Center-CULTURAL Experience
Explore new opportunities, ideas
SSU Develops Leaders
• With over 150 clubs & organizations,
SSU facilitates an excellent way to get
involved & gain leadership experience
• UNIV 238 Foundations for Leadership
leads to paid campus leadership
positions – Peer Mentors,
Paraprofessionals, CSAs, etc.
• Research Opportunities, Internships,
Hands on Experiences Outside of the
• Athletics-NCAA Division II & Club
– STUDENT Athletes-51 student
athletes awarded academic
distinction with 3.5 and above
– Going Pro…
Impacted Admissions at SSU
• Impacted for BOTH freshman & transfer admissions
• Freshman Admissions
– Local area admitted with CSU minimum eligibility criteria
– Out of area admitted with higher eligibility index
– Impacted Majors: Students applying to impacted majors are
not given local area priority. All applicants considered based
on specific impacted major criteria.
• Transfer Admissions
Local area admitted with CSU minimum eligibility criteria
SB1440 given priority & GPA bump
Out of area admitted based on major criteria
List of SB 1440 Degrees for Sonoma State on website
• Local Priority Area: Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, Napa,
Solano, & Marin Counties
Fall 2014 Admissions Re-Cap
Freshman Admissions
• 14,00 applications
• 8,000 admitted
• 1,850 enrolled
Transfer Admissions
• 4,800 applications
• 1,900 admitted
• 850 Enrolled
Out of Area index: 3200
Average GPA: 3.21
Average SAT/ACT: 1040/22
Average GPA 3.17
Top 5 Majors by Enrollment:
Business, Psychology, Sociology, CCJS,
SSU Scholarship Program:
• Over 200 separate funds with
approximately 400 distinct scholarship
• Scholarships range from $250 to $3,000
per year.
• Incoming freshman, undergraduate,
graduate, international & out- of- state,
are eligible with a GPA of 3.0 - 4.0.
• Application Period: September 15th and
closes January 15th
Campus Visits
• Campus tours
– Year round/six days/week & three times a day
– Self guided
• Group Tours
– School groups/ organizations (8 or more people)
– Tour Admissions, Student Panels & more
• VIP Meet & Greet
Prospective students & their families can meet with University
Administrators for a Q & A session Fridays between tours.
• Seawolf Decision Day
– Admitted Student Open House: April 11, 2015
• Transfer Information Sessions
– Informational workshops offered, on and off campus.
Become a Seawolf!
Student Outreach & Recruitment
707 664 3029
[email protected]
Apply October 1st-November 30th
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