Fall 2014 Junior Parent Night Powerpoint Presentation


Welcome to

Junior Parent/Student Night!

Eric Calloway, Counselor

Caroline Rubio, Counselor

Gloria DaSilva, Counselor


Dublin High School Statistics

 For the Class of 2014 (411 students),

50% attended a four-year college or university

 45% attended a two-year community college (98% in a transfer program)

 11 enlisted in the military

 5 enrolled in vocational programs

 4 worked full time



70 attended CSU campuses (17%)

44 attended UC campuses (9.7%)

92 attended private and out-of-state colleges



University of California

 Serves top 1/8 of high school graduates

MINIMUM GPA of 3.0 to apply

Comprehensive Review includes:

“a – g” courses in grades 10 – 11

Number of “a-g” and AP/Honors courses

 SAT or ACT with Writing scores (single best sitting)

 Quality of the senior year

 Extra-curricular activities, special talents, leadership exp., personal statements


UC Eligibility in the Local Context

 Top 9% ELC from high school identified by self-reported grades on UC app and:

Must have completed 11/15 “a-g” courses

Must have at least a 3.0 GPA

Must have at least one ACT/SAT score

Results shown on “Application Status” page after application deadline and review.

Applications will be automatically screened by

UC system upon submission.

UC Entering Class of 2014

 Admit rate ranged from 17% at UCLA to

67% at Merced

 Average GPA range was 3.61 at Merced to 4.18 at Berkeley

 Average test score range was 24/1638 at

Merced to 31/2071 at Berkeley.

 Average cost of attendance for the UC system is $33,000


UC best bets…

Do the best you can in “a-g” courses

 Take advantage of other academic/ leadership/unique opportunities

Continue to retest to get best scores and complete testing in Nov/Dec of senior year

 Remember SAT Subject Tests no longer required, suggested for Engineering and

Chemistry majors

 Apply to numerous UC campuses

California State University

 Serves top 1/3 of high school graduates

 Students ranked on Eligibility Index (formula based on GPA/SAT/ACT calculation)

Requires SAT or ACT without writing

 Average cost from $19,628 (Monterey Bay) per year to $26,158 (SDSU) on-campus

 EAP (ELM and EPT) tests taken by all juniors in spring

 Early Start Program - mandatory remediation during summer after graduation


California State University data:

 GPA range was (2013) from 3.09 at

Dominguez Hills to 3.78 - 4.08 at San

Luis Obispo

 ACT range was from 18 at San

Bernadino to 29 at San Luis Obispo

 SAT range (Critical Reading and Math only) was from 850 at Dominguez Hills to


– 1388 at San Luis Obispo



 Impaction means that they have more applicants than spots available

 Some CSU campuses are impacted for all majors

 Some campuses rank applicants

(according to EI) by major

 Some campuses are not impacted, except for Nursing/Pre-Nursing


Best bets…

 Apply to local CSU East Bay and

San Francisco State - Alameda County residents given priority at both

 Look at CSU Eligibility-only campuses such as Stanislaus, Bakersfield,

Dominguez Hills, East Bay, Maritime

Academy, Channel Islands


Western Undergraduate Exchange

 Students who are residents of WICHE states may enroll at participating two- and four-year college programs

outside of their home state

at a reduced tuition rate.

 WICHE states include: Alaska, Arizona,

California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana,

Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon,

South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.

 Website:


 Some GPA, major, tests score requirements


Private/Independent Colleges

 75 Independents in California alone

 9 out of 10 receive financial assistance

 Most schools guarantee 4 year graduation

 Every admission file is personally reviewed

 Classes are smaller with actual professors

Personal attention to succeed in college/life

 Costs and admissions standards vary widely

 Test scores can open access for financial aid


California Community Colleges

 All students should take “a-g” requirements, especially MATH if they wish to be in a

Transfer Program

 DUSD Concurrent Enrollment Program for

10-12 graders-earn HS and College credit

 LPC Early Admissions Program

 Transfer Programs/AA & AS/Certificates

 Average cost $1400/year

No SAT or ACT testing required


CCC Transfer Agreements

 LPC has TAGs with 10 California State

Universities and 6 University of

California campuses. In addition, agreements are in place for Arizona

State University and University of the

Pacific and St. Mary’s College (Moraga)

 LPC has Concurrent Enrollment

Programs with CSUEB and UC Berkeley


Trade/Technical Schools

 Specialty schools such as Heald,

Wyotech, California Culinary Academy,

Dublin Beauty College

 All have different entrance requirements

- check with admissions

 All have financial aid available as well


What should I be doing now???

 Earn the strongest grades possible through summer after junior year

 If wishing to attend a four-year college, make sure to remediate any D/F grades in courses that have a (P) on your transcript

 Take SAT and/or ACT multiple times (single best sitting vs. superscore)

 Consider taking test prep course (possibly from Catalyst or Revolution Prep)



What should I be doing now???


 Visit campuses/attend Open Houses and sign up in

Career Center to hear college presentations from admissions representatives

 Attend Tri-Valley College Fair at Livermore HS on

October 15; attend Financial Aid Night at DHS on

February 4

 Discuss finances as a family

 Start looking for scholarships now (check on college and DHS websites)

 Start thinking about what you are looking for in a school/program


Thank you for attending!

 General Q & A

– 10 minutes

 If you have a specific question about your student, please call Mrs. Campisi

(833-3300, x7050) to set up an appointment with your student’s counselor