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Welcome back for the 20142015 school year
RHS Counseling Staff
Counselors are located in the main office. They are available for
drop in appointments before school, lunch time and after
school. If you would like a more in depth appointment please
sign up on your counselors clipboards located in the counseling
Ms. Banke, students with last names (A-F). Purple clipboard
Mr. Rodda, students with last names (G-O). Yellow clipboard
Mrs. Moreira, students with last names (P-Z). Blue clipboard
Road Map to Success
How to be successful in high school
Keeping up with all my homework:
Every student should use an agenda, regardless of grade
How do I use an agenda and what do I use it for?
1. Write down homework assignments
every period, (every subject), everyday
2. Write “None” if you have no homework
3. Write down due dates for assignments
and projects
4. Write down test and quiz dates. Study accordingly
Benefits of tutorial
Tutorial is a 40 minute block of time
built into your schedule
Designed for students to work on
homework, make up tests and work
with teachers to get additional help
Use this time wisely!
RHS Graduation Requirements
Social Studies
Art/Foreign Language
Total Credits Required
30 (Math 1 and Math 2)
20 (1 life and 1 physical)
Other Graduation Requirements
All students must pass the California High
School Exit Exam and all subject requirements
to receive a high school diploma.
There are two parts, Math and English
Can pass each part separately (score of 350)
All students must pass this exam and all courses
required for graduation to earn a diploma
The first opportunity to take CAHSEE is in February
of 10th grade year
Universities- UC and CSU
Entrance Requirements
- a-g Requirements
2 years
4 years
3 years
Laboratory Science
2 years
Foreign Language
2 years
Visual & Performing Arts 1 year
1 year
Grade Point Averages
-General Rule:The lower the
GPA, the higher the scores
must be:
-UC: Minimum GPA 3.0
-CSU: Minimum GPA 2.0
***Must complete these courses with C’s or higher
BOTH semesters***
These are minimum requirements. To be more competitive
consider taking additional courses. Check the website
www.ucop.edu/doorways/ for RHS/UC certified course list.
a-g college entrance requirements
“C” or better both semesters are required for course to count
---Integrated science and Econ/Econ AP meet “g” elective---
a. History/
(2 years)
AP European
U.S. History
AP United States
American Gov/Econ
AP Government/AP
b. English
(4 years)
English 9CP
English 9H
English 10CP
English 10H
English 11CP
AP English
Language and
English 12CP
AP English Literature
and Composition
c. Math
(3 years)
Math 1
Math 2
Math 2
Algebra 2
Algebra 2
Calculus AP*
Statistics/Stats AP*
Lab Science*
Lab Science*
d. Science
(2 years lab
Science 1
life / 1 phys
Biology Honors
e. Lang. other
than English-2
Year 1
Year 2
f. Visual/
Art (same
1 year required
from the
approved a-g
course list
g. College
Prep Elective
1 year required
from the
approved a-g
course list
Biology/ Bio H
Chemistry /
Chemistry H
Year 2
Year 3*
Year 3*
Year 4*
Year 4*
Year AP*
(* = Recommended)
CP = College Prep
AP= Adv. Placement
How Do I Calculate My GPA?
GPA = Grade Point
Why is my GPA
Minimum 2.0 GPA
required to play
sports, to participate
in extra curricular
activities, and to get a
work permit
A = 4 points
B = 3 points
C = 2 points
D = 1 point
F = 0 points
The sum of your
grades, divided by
the number of
classes = GPA
9th grade suggested courses
and activities
Take challenging courses (including honors classes)
that satisfy a-g requirements including a college prep
English, math, science and a language other than
Aim for A’s and B’s in all of your classes. Focus on
your class work and homework to develop study skills
you will need to succeed in college
Join clubs, play sports and volunteer. Keep a time
log of hours for college applications
10th grade suggested courses
and activities
Take English, math, science, history and a language other
than English. Consider taking honors level courses if
Try to earn A and B grades in all of your classes.
Studying hard in high school will help prepare you for
college coursework
Focus on your class work and your homework to develop
the study skills you will need to succeed in college
Sign up for and take the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) offered in
October. This test will help you gage your strengths and
11th grade suggested courses
and activities
Take English, math, science, history and language other than English. Take
honors and AP level courses if appropriate
Meet with counselor to make sure you are on track and taking the college
preparatory courses to meet a-g college admissions
Visit college campuses. Take a tour and listen to presentations about
academic programs, admission requirements and financial aid. Bring a
copy of your high school transcript
Maintain A and B grades. This is especially important during the junior
In October take the PSAT. Use the results to see where you are strong
and where you need to improve to be ready for college
Spring semester register to take SAT and/or ACT
Take the CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP)
12th grade suggested courses
and activities
Take English, math, science, history and language other than
English. Continue taking honors and AP courses if
Review class schedule with counselor to ensure you are
meeting all of your a-g requirements
September: Register to take SAT or ACT. Last date to test
for seniors is month of December
October 1 through November 30th: Apply to CSU campuses
November 1st through November 30th: Apply to UC campuses
Private and/or out of state application timelines vary please
check with each campus individually
12th grade continued
January 1st through March 2nd:
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (2 steps)
- Cal Grant GPA information release form
- FAFSA completed online at www.fafsa.ed.gov
May: Take AP exams for any Advanced Placement courses
student is enrolled in
Summer: Take part in summer orientation programs for
incoming college freshman. Obtain academic advising
NCAA Eligibility Center
Any students interested in playing a Division I or
II sport in college needs to register with the
Eligibility Center at the beginning of their junior
year. Register at www.eligibilitycenter.org
Students should have their SAT and/or ACT
scores sent to the Eligibility Center
For additional information visit the NCAA
Eligibility Center Web site at:
Family Connection from Naviance
Family Connection from Naviance is a school wide
computer based program to determine the best path
to college and career
All grade levels will be able to research colleges,
scholarships, careers, enrichment programs and
courses all in one location
Seniors will use family connection:
Request transcripts for colleges, scholarships and NCAA
Will link with common app when applying to private colleges
College and Career Center
Melissa Vallejo-College and Career Center Tech
Open: Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:00pm in room A129
We will provide up to date testing dates and
application deadlines, scholarships, as well as
expanding student's knowledge of various careers
and the schools that will help meet those dreams. We
will hold workshops and guest speakers to give
further insight to help make those dreams a reality
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