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• HOME FACTS – HOME IDIS or financial
guidance. Topics from repaying your HOME
accounts to requesting a reduction in your
CHDO set aside
• HOME FACTS on program income for admin
and subgranting program income
– Volume 4, number 2 (December 2012)
• HOME FACTS on activities in final draw for
more than 120 days – Coming soon!
HOME IDIS Resources
• HOME IDIS Training Manual for PJs
– http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/progr
• HOME IDIS eLearning system
– http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/progr
IDIS System Improvements
• Program income enhancements - May 2012
• Open activity flags - May 2012:
– Activities in final draw for more than 120 days
– Activities with infrequent draws
– Activities remaining open after fours years
PR49 Deadline Compliance Status Report - May 2012
PJ and National Production Reports - 2013
Enhanced search for HOME activities – 2013
IDIS Help Desk moves to OneCPD “Ask a Question”
Final Draw for 120 days or more
• 24 CFR 92.502(d)(1) states: Complete project
completion information must be entered into
the disbursement and information system, or
otherwise provided, within 120 days of the
final project drawdown. If satisfactory project
completion information is not provided, HUD
may suspend further project set-ups or take
other corrective actions.
Final Draw for 120 days or more
• The system flags activities that have been in
final draw for 120 days.
– Warning flags appear when an activity has been in final
draw for 30 days and 90 days.
• If the activity is not completed, cancelled, or
taken out of final draw after 120 days in final
draw, the PJ’s ability to set up and commit
funds to new HOME activities will be
Final Draw for 120 days or more
Potential Solutions:
• Complete the activity
– Definition of project completion at 24 CFR 92.2
• Cancel the activity
– Repay HOME investment
• From non-Federal funds
– Request voluntary grant reduction
• Must justify based on fiscal distress
• Take out of final draw
– Increase funding based on valid commitment
– Increase funding based on estimated project delivery costs
Infrequent Draws for 12 months or
• This edit applies to all open HOME activities.
• The system flags activities with funds
disbursed, but no disbursements in the past
12 months.
– Activities with $0 disbursed are auto-cancelled after 12
• The PJ must enter a reason and narrative
explanation or its ability to set up or commit
funds to HOME activities is suspended.
Infrequent Draws for 12 months or
• Reasons from the dropdown menu include:
• project progressing toward completion
• project start was delayed
• project is stalled
• The system will require the PJ to update the
reason and narrative every 180 days until the
activity is completed or cancelled.
• Flag will be removed once the activity is
completed or cancelled.
Involuntarily Terminated
• Currently, requirement applies only to all 2012
HOME activities.
• Implications for 2013 activities and new
HOME final rule
• For all other activities the flag is currently for
information purposes only.
• The system flags all open HOME activities with
initial funding dates more than four years old.
• This is a project completion deadline.
Involuntarily Terminated
• These open activities are considered terminated
before completion
• Absent an extension HOME funds must be repaid.
Does this mean you don’t have to do anything?
– Yes. As long as the activity is progressing toward completion, not in
final draw, and not disbursing funds infrequently.
– No. If the activity will not be moving forward or is temporarily stalled,
please contact your field office CPD rep. to discuss options.
• Activities meeting this criteria will be blocked by HUD
and will require repayment and cancellation.
Subgranting Program Income
• PJs are now able to subgrant program income
to subrecipients
– Applies to any grant year that has PI funds
• Process is almost identical as the process used
for subgranting CR funds to CHDOs or SU
funds to subrecipients
Program Income: PA Fund Type
• A new fund type called “PA” allows up to ten
percent of PI receipted by PJs to be expended
on admin activities
– Functionality only available for 2012 HOME grants
and later
– Functionality must be used for program income
set aside for admin beginning with 2012 grants
• PJs can also subgrant PA funds to subrecipients
Changes to PI Funding and Vouchers
• PJs no longer have to fund HOME EN
Activities with PI in order to draw
available PI
• PJs should no longer fund activities with PI
• PJs will see available PI when creating vouchers
• PJs should choose to drawdown available PI in
place of committed EN when creating a voucher
Completion Date Edit
• Implemented May 4, 2012 for all activities.
• Completion date defaults to current date the
first time the activity status is changed to
• Completion date defaults to current date if
the activity is re-opened and completed
• System will not allow the user to enter a
completion date prior to the initial
completion date.
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– Help Desk –
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