E.O.P.S Student Orientation

Mt. San Jacinto College
Counseling and Educational Planning
Priority Registration
Book Service – $200.00 for Spring 2015
SGA Sticker
Transportation Fee
Parking Permits
Career and Personal Assessments
Three appointments that are set up by the
Appointments are to be 3-4 weeks apart
Counseling appointments are for:
◦ Discussing career issues that will help you develop
your goals.
◦ Discussing personal issues that interfere with your
◦ Developing educational plans that will fulfill your
Every day the SJC counselor will have 1.5
hours of walk-in times per day. Check
Menifee EOPs Office for Walk-in times for
Veronica Aparicio
Walk-in advising is for quick questions, make
requests, crisis situation for emotional help
Walk-in advising is not for making a contact,
review education plan, re-write the education
plan or discuss career decision
EOPS/CARE students have the opportunity for
priority registration.
You need to register during your Priority Date,
or by the end of that week (if you have holds…)
Students in the EOPS/CARE program register
before general registration begins for Fall and
Spring semesters.
You should never have a difficult time selecting
classes unless you procrastinate.
EOPS provides book vouchers to qualified
students to assist with the purchase of one or
more of your required text books
You can purchase required text books ONLY!
◦ No supplemental books , Nursing uniforms, Art/lab/
or any other types of supplies
Book Voucher will be available January 20,
◦ Please see instructions on the EOPS website
Last day to pick up your books is February 27,
In order to get use your voucher for Spring 2015:
◦ Enrolled in 12 units (if you are on a waiting list,
that does not count).
◦ Be in DSPS if enrolled in less than 12 units
◦ Have a waiver of 12 units completed (the director
and/or a counselor will decide if you need one).
◦ Until you show proof of 12 units, you will be
unable to get your books, parking permit, or SGA
EOPS will be paying for the Transportation
Fee ($6.00)
After orientation you must order your SGA
and parking permit on-line. You must order
these before 2:00pm on Friday, January 16,
The last day to request parking and SGA is
February 27, 2015
On January 16th, you must order your SGA and
parking on-line.
You must order these before 2:00pm
Log into your account
Click on request SGA and Parking Permit
Select Spring 2015
Click on SGA and Parking Permit
Click Submit
After 5 business days, you will receive your
parking permit in the mail; you can go to the
cashier to pick up the SGA sticker.
Last day to request SGA and Parking is
February 27th or you will have to pay out of
pocket after that date.
January 20th – March 6th Contact #1
March 9th – May 1st – Contact #2
April 6th – May 28th – Contact #3 and #4
If you have one “no-show” without informing the EOPS
Did not bring your Education Plan to your Counseling
Dropping a class without a counselor approval (If you
are unable to speak with the counselor in person,
please email the counselor or leave a voice mail
message on her phone.
Not using “Priority Registration” on the date provided to
you by EOPS. Please take care of any holds
Changes in your name, address, phone without
informing EOPS is grounds for probation.
You have 2 “no-shows” for your counseling
Have not declared a major or academic goal
by the end of your second semester in
Registering for classes that is not within your
academic goal, educational plan, or prior
approval by the EOPS/CARE counselor.
Go over Handouts
◦ Syllabus
◦ Signature Page
◦ Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC)
Veronica Aparicio – MVC Counselor
Mary Montano- Clerical Assistant
Juan Mata- EOPS/CARE Technician
Pamala M. James – SJC Counselor
Martha Crawford – Interim EOPS/CARE Director,
Interim CARE Coordinator
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