Marlene Mohs, Associate Dean of Admission, St. Catherine University

International Students: Best Practices for
Recruitment, Admission, and Retention
ACCU Annual Meeting
Washington, D.C.
February 2013
An Overview
Start with mission & strategic goals
Set realistic goals
Let data drive your decisions
Engage the campus (not just an admissions
• Identify sustainable strategies
• Understand the infrastructure needed
An extension of our Missions
• Mission statements, core values & vision;
strategic plans/initiatives; student outcomes
• Mission/Vision make the case for why and can
help develop plans for the “how”
• Recruiting international students only for the
extra revenue they generate can lead to an
unfocused and ineffective set of activities
Setting Realistic & Data Driven Goals
• Key element of any enrollment conversation is
“how many”
• External data and competitor data will help
inform the goal setting process
• Identifying current international enrollment,
tracking institutional “footprint”, inventorying
faculty connections, coordinating with alumni,
as well as using external data is critical
Engage the Campus
• Having an effective international strategy is
not just the responsibility of the admissions
– Study abroad and exchange programs
– Global partnerships
– Faculty connections
• Goal setting should be realistic, spread across
at least three years and can include much
more than simply new freshman
Identify Sustainable Strategies
• Take advantage of group tours: NCCAA’s Latin
America tour, Wren & Fida, Linden Group , etc
• Develop recruiting material with international
• Coordinate travel across the campus
• Reach out to educational centers, government
agencies (Washington, DC and abroad)
• Have a policy for working with agents
Identify Sustainable Strategies
• Partner with other schools
• Electronic communication and social media
• Personal follow up outside of traditional
communication flow
• Relationships with schools, counselors,
government agencies take time
• Connect with international organizations such
International Infrastructure
Dedicated admissions staff member
International recruitment material
Credential evaluation (application processing)
Designated School Official (DSO)
Coordination of “acceptable programs”
Collection of payments electronically
Academic placement tools
International Enrollment Success
• Our missions & strategic plans provide the
• Campus collaboration & data help form the
goals and expectations
• Sustainable and consistent strategies help
execute the plan
• Building the proper infrastructure ensures