Tuition Narrative Template

Please put on campus or program letterhead.
Fiscal Year 2014 Tuition and Fee Proposal Narrative
NOTE TO CFO’s (please delete after reading): You did this for the Feb 12 BOG report. Please repeat and
make revisions as necessary for FY13. This information will be helpful for the incoming VCEM.
Market Analysis
Brief summary of the external data, market surveys or other analytic work your campus does to
substantiate your assumptions about your market.
Internal Campus Involvement
Describe the internal process you use to evaluate the market data (committees, focus groups, interviews,
etc.). Include the committee names and the individuals (positions) that make up those committees.
Market Strategy
Describe your market strategy. For example, does your campus aim to be at the median range, etc. Who
are your peers (be specific) or competitors (regional, local and/or national).
Enrollment Management
Describe your current enrollment and admissions management system. How is your performance at
turning inquiries into prospects and yield measured and monitored? What improvements have been
made in this system to address the impact of competitive market (online, for-profit, etc) and regulatory
(financial aid) changes?
Please put on campus or program letterhead.
Enrollment Projections
For FY14, what process, specifically, did you use to make enrollment projections? What departments
were involved? How close were the current year actual enrollments to your previous year enrollment
projections? Were adjustments made to the process based on performance this year?