Dual Credit

Dual Credit
What Is It? Why Do I Want It?
How Can I Get It?
What Is It?
• The Dual Credit Program at Churchill allows a
student to enroll at San Antonio College (SAC) to
earn college level credit while at the same time
fulfilling high school academic requirements.
• Dual Credit classes at Churchill are full year
courses. Students can take 2 dual credit classes
per year.
Why Do I Want It?
• It’s Free!!!!
– Tuition and fees are waived for up to
two courses per semester.
• The Dual Credit courses will apply
to an associate's degree at San
Antonio College and may transfer
to other colleges or universities. As
with all transferring courses, it is up
to the accepting college or
university to honor dual credit
course work.
Why Do I Want It?
• Taking DC classes at Churchill means
that once you get to college, you may
have already earned the credit….no AP
tests to take in May!
• Saves your parents $$$
• Challenging course work prepares you for
the rigor of college work!
• Looks great on transcript when applying to
college. (If you make good grades!)
What is the difference between
AP and DC?
• Must test in May to
possibly earn college
credit. Colleges
decide what score
they will accept for
• Some colleges do not
accept AP credit
• Does cost $
• Once you finish the
class and earn a
passing grade, you
MAY have college
• Colleges decide what
credit you will earn for
your work. (For
example, you may be
awarded a science elective
instead of biology)
What Classes award Dual Credit?
• English IV AP and English IV AP/GT
• Possible 6 hours of college credit
• US History AP
• Possible 6 hours of college credit
• Theater Arts
• Possible 3 hours of college credit
How Do I Qualify?
You must have passing scores on one of the following tests!
• SAT – Verbal of 500+ and Math of 500+ with a combined total of 1070,
submit original test score report to your counselor
• ACT – English 19, Math 19, Composite 23+
» submit original test score report to your counselor
• Passing Scores on the TSI Test.
– TSI: consists of READING, WRITING, MATH. There is a $20 fee (cash
or money order) for the TSI. JANUARY 29, 2014 is the deadline to pay
and register (in the counseling office) to take the test on FEB. 1, 2014
Reader Placer
Writing Placer
363-390 w/essay score of 4 or 5
Math Placer
PSAT taken Oct. 2013
• PSAT (can be used only for sophomores
going to be juniors)
• Combined score (CR + MATH) = 107
• Critical Reading =
• Math =
Students currently in a Dual Credit
Please refer to page 5 of Dual Credit Handbook.
Complete www.alamo.edu/AlamoENROLL
Print proof of completing Test Prep/PAA
Check scores with your counselor to ensure eligibility.
Student must have scored on THEA a 6 on the essay to
qualify for English 4 AP/Dual Credit. If no, then student
must take all of the TSI test.
• Submit new qualifying scores if needed.
• Prior to March 5, submit to your counselor pp. 14-16
from Dual Credit Handbook and proof of completing Test
What Do I Need to Do?
Apply online for admission to SAC. GO TO
http://www.alamo.edu/AlamoENROLL to start!
(follow step by step guidance starting on pg.6)
Complete the application, obtain a Banner ID, and
complete the GoFAARR and Test Prep/PAA
modules; this entire process could span a period
of 2 to 4 weeks. This entire process must be
completed prior to FEBRUARY 14, 2014.
Print proof of completing Test Prep/PAA and
bring to counseling office.
Pick up TSI Test registration form from Mrs.
Connolly in the counseling office.
• Remember that students must submit to the counseling office proof
of completing the Test prep/PAA modules before they will be
registered for the TSI test. Students planning to test on February 22
must complete the process by February 14, 2014.
• FEBRUARY 1, 2014 – deadline to register &
pay is January 29, 2014
• FEBRUARY 22, 2014 – deadline to register &
pay is February 19, 2014
• See Mrs. Connolly in the counseling office to turn in
TSI registration form and pay $20 cash or money order
DEADLINE: March 5th
• The following forms must be turned in to your
counselor by March 5th in the following order:
• Dual Credit Checklist (pg. 14)
• Alamo Colleges Dual Credit Consent Form (pgs.
• Original SAT/ACT score report or TSI scores taken
at SAC
• PSAT scores for sophomores will be submitted on
an official transcript from the counseling office.
• Any additional forms that might be needed
(resident alien card or military verification form)
• Please keep your Confirmation Receipt as proof
of submission!!
What Grade Do I Need to
• SAC: You will earn credit as long as
you maintain a 70 in the class.
However, the DC program will not
allow students who earn a D (70-74)
to stay in the program.
• Distinguished Plan: You must
maintain an 80 average each
semester to earn one advanced
measure per semester. One DC
class can provide 2 advanced
measures! (except for College
Algebra and Theatre Arts)
How Does the Credit Transfer?
• Student requests a final high school transcript for
delivery to SAC after he/she graduates.
• Student requests a final transcript from SAC to be
sent to the university of his/her choice after he/she
Critical Information
• Students need to understand that once in a Dual
Credit class you are beginning a permanent
College Transcript.
• Thus, you want to maintain good grades and should
try to make no less than a B in your Dual Credit
• Please be aware of the withdrawal deadlines each
semester. Failure to meet the deadlines could result
in a D or F on your college transcript. Certain
timeframes will result in a W on your college
Dual Credit Handbook
• The Dual Credit Handbook will guide you
through the entire Dual Credit process. All
deadlines on page 1 must be met.
• Read Frequently Asked Questions which is very
helpful!! (pg. 2-4)
• Please pay attention to the section of FAQ’s that
deals with withdrawing from a Dual Credit class.
• Dual Credit Handbooks are available in the
Churchill Counseling office
meet all deadlines.
• This is the system that SAC students use
– Check courses enrolled in each
– View grades earned
– Request a college transcript
• Please keep the instructions to log into
ACES (pg. 19) handy for future use.
• Remember once in DC, a student is
creating a permanent College Transcript.
• Students must use the CORRECT website of
(otherwise the student will not be enrolled as a dual
credit student, but only as a SAC student which means
the student would pay for the course)
• All deadlines must be met, see pg. 1.
• PLEASE PLEASE follow pp. 6-11 step by step
• If you do not earn qualifying scores the first time around, you might
want to consider waiting until next year to take a Dual Credit class.
The test is a very strong indicator of whether a student can handle
the college level material that will be presented in the class.