Dual Credit

Dual Credit
What Is It?
 The Dual Credit Program at Reagan allows a student
to enroll at San Antonio College (SAC) and/or St.
Phillips College to earn college level credit while at
the same time fulfilling high school academic
 Dual Credit classes at Reagan are full year courses.
Students may earn up to 30 college level hours.
Why Do I Want It?
 It’s Free!!!!
Tuition and fees are waived for up to two courses
per semester.
 The Dual Credit courses will apply to an associate's
degree at San Antonio College and may transfer to
other colleges or universities. As with all transferring
courses, it is up to the accepting college or university
to honor dual credit course work.
Why Do I Want It?
 Taking the DC classes at Reagan means that once
you get to the college, you have already earned the
credit….no other required college tests to take in
 Challenging course work prepares you for the rigor
of college work!
 Looks great on transcript when applying to college.
(If you make good grades!)
What Classes get DC?
 English IV AP and English IV AP/GT
6 hours of college credit
College Algebra
 4 hours of college credit
Pre-AP Pre-Calculus
 4 hours of college credit
Statistics AP
 4 hours of college credit
Anatomy and Physiology
 8 hours of college credit
Theatre Arts III /IV
 3 hours of college credit
Spanish IV pre-AP and higher AP levels
 8 hours of college credit per year
 The 1st year of DC Spanish is elective credit
Business Management I / II
 offered through St. Philips (separate consent form)
 6 hours of college credit per year
What is the difference in AP and DC?
 Must test in May to
 Once you finish the class,
possibly earn college
 Some colleges do not
accept AP credit
 1.29 multiplier
you have earned college
 Colleges decide what
credit you will earn for
your work. May be
science elective, not
 Can affect financial aid
 1.15 multiplier
How Do I Qualify?
You must have passing scores on one of the following
SAT – Verbal of 500+ and Math of 500+ with a combined total of 1070, sat.org
ACT – English 19, Math 19, Composite 23, www.actstudent.org/start
Passing Scores on the TSI Test. (Last year’s testing scores are still good if they are high
enough. See your counselor if you have a question about last year’s scores.)
TSI: consists of READING, ENGLISH, MATH. (computerized test) There is a $20 fee
(cash or check) for the TSI test. Register in Counseling Office after applying to SAC.
You can have any score for Spanish IV Pre-AP or higher, Drama III / IV, BIM I / II
See page 12 of the Dual Credit Handbook for the specific TSI score requirements.
What Do I Need to Do?
1. Complete an ApplyTexas Application
2. Retrieve your Banner ID
3. Complete Go FAARR and/or Test-Prep PAA
4. Meet testing eligibility requirements
5. Complete Dual Credit Checklist
6. Verify Course Schedule
When Do I Start?
 Apply now! You must do this by February 13, 2015.
 Complete GoFAARR module once you can access
Banner ID.
 If taking TSI test, complete Test Prep on ACES
 If registering for SAT, ACT, make sure you enter
SAC and/or SPC to receive scores.
 Deadline to turn in paperwork to counselor, March
4, 2015.
What Grade Do I Need to Maintain?
 SAC/St. Philips You will earn
credit as long as you maintain a C in
the class each semester. You will be
dropped once you earn a F in a
 Reagan Distinguished Plan: You
must maintain a B average each
semester to earn one measure per
college semester. Some DC classes
will get you 2 measures!
How Does the Credit Transfer?
 Student requests a final transcript for delivery to
SAC from Reagan in May. It will not be processed
until the end of June.
 Student requests a final transcript from SAC
(ACES account) to be sent to the university of their
choice after he/she graduates from Reagan. Start
requesting the 4th week of June.
 We are excited to offer Dual Credit courses at Reagan
High School! Please do not hesitate to call or email if
you have any questions.
 Dual Credit Counselors: Matt Eidson
([email protected]) and Michelle Tanner
([email protected]).
 For Dual Credit Reminders:
Text “@rrhsdc” to (469) 619-6461
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