Dual Credit

Patricia B Parma, M.A., L.P.C.
District Director of Student Success Initiatives
November 13, 2013
Dual Credit
⋅ You cannot be considered for any of the
Dual Credit programs until you submit
your complete application packet to the
Dual Credit Office by the posted
The Go FAARR Module …
A. Ensures students are acquainted with …
• Texas Success Initiative (TSI)
• Your Rights and Responsibilities
• Institutional and Community Resources
B. Covers State mandated TSI Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)
• Importance of Assessment
• Exemptions and Retesting Process
• Developmental Education Options
• Tips for Success
Pre-Assessment Activity for Students Taking
the TSI Assessment
Very Important
Once you complete this Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA), you are eligible to
take the TSI assessment. At the beginning of the assessment, you will be
given 14 background questions to answer. The first question reads:
1. Pre-Assessment Activity: Were you provided with information and/or an activity to help you
understand all of the following: 1) The importance of this assessment, 2) Sample Questions, 3)
Course options, and 4) Resources for students? Yes /No
Answer “yes” to the first background question.
If you answer “no” to the first question, you will be locked out
and unable to continue.
Do I Have to Take the TSI Assessment?
Not all students need to take the TSI Assessment. There are many ways you can
be exempt. Qualifying for an exemption means that you can enroll in an entrylevel college course without restrictions.
You may be exempt if you…
• Met the minimum college readiness standard on the SAT, ACT or a
statewide high school test
• Successfully completed college-level English and math courses
• Are enrolling in a Level One certification program
• Are not seeking a degree
• Have been, or currently are, in the military
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If you think you may be exempt, contact the Assessment
or Advising Center at your college for verification.
Why is Preparing for the TSI
Assessment so important?
Click on photo to learn why it is very
important to perform your best on the
TSI Assessment!
Before You Test… You Need to Know
TSI determines your college readiness
A valid photo identification (any state or federal government-issued
ID) must be presented
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Cannot pass or fail the TSI Assessment
14 calendar days to complete the test
TSI assessment fee $32.00
Unlimited re-testing
• TSI Re-Test fee $12.00 per section
No study materials, reference materials, cell phones or other
communication devices . Calculators “pop up” when needed.
What can I expect on the TSI Assessment?
Computer Administered - Multiple Choice and Essay using
keyboard and mouse
Untimed - Up to 5 hours long
Recommend allowing two hours for writing, and at least one hour
each for reading and math
Computer Adaptive - questions increase or decrease in difficulty
level depending on how you respond.
Diagnostic Test - provides an academic profile to target areas
and fast-track your college preparatory program
Scored Immediately
What Strategy Should I Use When Taking the TSI Assessment?
Relax. Breathe. Pace Yourself.
 Arrive early and choose a comfortable location
 Stay relaxed and confident. Keep a good attitude and remind
yourself that you are going to do your best.
 Read directions carefully!
 Read the question and all answer choices before entering your
response. You cannot change answers once you leave a
 Try to answer every question. Make the most intelligent guess
you can and move on.
Testing Accommodations
• Qualifying students with disabilities may request
• If you need accommodations for testing, please see
your test administrator.
Can I Retake the Test?
• There is no mandatory “wait time” to retake the TSI
assessment. Check with your counselor for available testing
dates and times.
• You are required to pay the fee each time you test.
• Before you attempt to retest, it is strongly recommended you
set aside time for review.
• Check with your counselor or college advising center
concerning retesting and review resources.
Supporting Your
Success is a Shared Responsibility
Take Charge of Your College Success!!
Alamo Colleges provides institutional policies, procedures, and
opportunities to promote student learning by encouraging
interaction, involvement and responsible participation
Your Responsibility as a student is to CARE about Your
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I C A R E about my Education!
Click on photo to learn why
you should C A R E about
your education!
C ommunication
A cademic Success
R esponsibility
E ngagement
• The Alamo Colleges require students to attend the first class
meeting of every course in which they are registered, unless
approval for the intended absence is obtained before the
first meeting.
• Not attending may result in being dropped and jeopardizes
your dual credit enrollment.
• Check your ACES Dual Credit schedule regularly between
the first day of school and the college’s Census Date per
term (Your teacher can provide you the college’s Census
• Notify your high school counselor or high school dual credit
liaison IMMEDIATELY, if you notice any errors with your ACES
dual credit schedule. (Home school students please contact
your College’s Dual Credit Office.)
All dual credit programs waive tuition and fees
Traditional Dual Credit will waive 2 courses up to 8 college credits per term
Early College High School will waive up to 12 to 16 college credits per term
Alamo Academies will waive 6 to 10 college credits per term
Phoenix (SAISD only) will waive up to 12 college credits per term
• Most ISDs/High Schools will fund the textbooks needed for their students. Confirm with
your high school counselor or high school dual credit liaison prior to the start of classes
• Home School students will be responsible for purchasing their textbooks prior to the start
of classes.
Financing your education in the future
• High school graduates may complete the FAFSA,
the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form.
• You may also receive grants, loans, work study,
and scholarships
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ACES MyPage tab – Your One Stop Access
Check Your Balance
If you see a balance or refund
contact your college's Dual Credit
Do NOT make payment or accept
the refund.
Strategies of Behavioral Intervention
● The Alamo Colleges are committed to a safe supportive learning
and working environment for all students, staff, faculty, and
● The Strategies of Behavioral Intervention (SOBI) Employee and
Student Guide provides the College community with information
about how to address concerning, disruptive or threatening
behavior by students or visitors at the Colleges.
● You may submit a Behavioral Incident Report to your college’s
SOBI team who will assess the situation and take appropriate
action. You are not required to include your name on the form.
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Protecting Your Civil Rights
Equal Educational Opportunity EEO
The Alamo Colleges do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, national
origin, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information or sexual orientation with
respect to access, employment programs, or services.
Inquiries or complaints concerning these matters should be brought to the attention of:
Linda Boyer-Owens, Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and Organizational
Development, Title IX Coordinator, 210/485-0200. Address: Human Resources
Department, 201 W. Sheridan, Bldg. A, San Antonio, Texas 78204.
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Alamo Colleges Civil Rights Policy and Procedures:
• H.1.1 Equal Education and Employment Opportunities (Policy)
• H.1.1 Attachment-A Title IX/VII/ADA/504 Coordinator Organization
• H.1.2 Civil Rights Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (Policy)
• H.1.2.1 Civil Rights Complaint and Resolution (Procedure)
• H.1.2.1 Civil Rights Complaint (Diagram)
• H.1.2.2 Civil Rights Complaint Appeal (Procedure)
• H.1.2.2 Civil Rights Appeal (Diagram)
College and Community Resources
Click on Resource if you’d like more information!
United Way
Food Bank
City of San Antonio services
Child Care (all Texas)
- Palo Alto College
- St. Philip’s College
- San Antonio College
● San Antonio Housing Authority
● Student Housing
● Tobin Lofts near San Antonio College
If you’d like to know more about…
Student Resources
Financial Resources
Northeast Lakeview College
Student Financial Aid
Northwest Vista College
Palo Alto College
Financial Literacy 101
St. Philip’s College
Financing Your Future
San Antonio College
College for All Texans
Cafecollege / Find the Money
Additional Resources
Student with a Disability
ESL Student
International Student
Pre-Assessment Activity for Students
Answer “yes” to the first background question.
1. Pre-Assessment Activity: Were you provided with information and/or an activity to help you
understand all of the following: 1) The importance of this assessment, 2) Sample Questions, 3)
Course options, and 4) Resources for students? Yes /No
If you answer “no” to the first question, you will be locked out and unable to continue.
Think Positive!
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